Can you make money without your own website You can do it

do not have their own website can make money? In fact, you can also

does not belong to their web site can make money? Sounds a bit strange, to know that many people have their own website has not made money.

does not belong to their own website or independent blog can not make money? After listening to this article you will understand the

many friends say Wangzhuan, build your own website, blog, Taobao, is not easy to say, but also need to input costs for students or not to put the cost of the people, although many Wangzhuan method, but some are not so easy to implement.

said some nonsense, but I want to say is very simple, is Witkey, someone will say, Witkey I already know, I have no technology, no team, how to compete with others? Don’t worry, you don’t have advanced technology, but also can work unremittingly.


first step: you have to belong to their own portal blog (portal blog Oh, do not say independent blog), do not tell me that you do not Oh, very simple, to register on it.

Sina, Sohu, blog bus, and here, I will not elaborate on the A5, there are many articles on the blog portal, you can look at, the portal blog effect is better on the registration of those.

has its own blog group (although less, but also a lot of blog ah, a small blog group.), the next step is to own a blog group, a blog and a station similar to search engines, and slowly increase the weight, and raise new truth.

The second step:

has a blog, the next step to pig Witkey website to register a account.

search task in Witkey website. For example, blog, blog outside the chain, and so on

looking for the task of the chain, pay attention to other people’s job requirements Oh, in your blog or the chain of links to add the task of

third step: I do not need to say, we know how to do, in accordance with the requirements of the task to do it, do it on their own blog, like in their own website to do the same.

here I just give you a way of thinking, in fact, very simple, as long as you can insist on making money is also possible.

pay attention to blog posts and websites. To adhere to a certain number of articles updated every day, the best is original or false original, do not copy the kind of Oh, about some problems in the I will not say, you look at the A5, many new sites, if the promotion of raising new articles, like a blog is the reason.

In fact,

, you can also pick up the task of post forum, in accordance with the requirements of the forum to post it, pay attention to the way to pay attention to the skills oh.