The search engine family character analysis

is a unique PR for all sites, if your station do is good enough, then your level will slowly rise online. The same Google grandfather also made many friends website, he is also very love for these friends into the new content through the web site.

love Shanghai also make many good friends, he especially love friends recommended to his website, he is willing to go to the web site to crawl browsing, if this place he felt very love will often come to visit, in the course of time the good friend’s good friend has become my good friend, this is called the chain.

love baidu

Shanghai Google

for content selection is the basic of all, he never picky eatingat, as long as your website regularly have fresh content updates, he will smell the fragrance come looking for fresh food. And he love a little bit of follow the prescribed order, increase the number of eating.

noble baby

as the engine of the family veteran search, enjoyed a high reputation, is a kind old grandpa. It is because he is a loving grandfather so he takes care of the new friends, he gave the new Adsense certainly the largest – and the same number included in the old station.

also love Shanghai love to simple place to watch, especially static place, he can walk alone, no one will bother him, enjoy the tranquility of nature. Of course he don’t hate complex noisy places, such as a lot of animation, there are countless pop, confused structure, which he is not willing to go.

He Sogou search engine

as a reputation of the search engine, mainly by the webmaster friends value is his chain number


is the family of the bright younger generation, bring us a similar rating website SR Google, but he values to Chinese website Sogou Rank, is the amount of weight and number of chain. However, some stations, sending spam, causing tens of thousands of the chain, Sogou Rank value will be very high. There is also a role.

YAHOO Google

in today’s society, the family members of the search engine more and more, they also like most people have their character, their hobbies, do you want to know about them? Let’s play.

love Shanghai as the powerful search engine family in the cellular phone, has the absolute right to speak. Love Shanghai, one of the most prominent character is Xixinyanjiu, can love Shanghai the most important is the content of the original novel of all the members, for the original content he will be very popular, often climb to go there and also their love of browsing copy into a notebook, for everyone to share.