The website speed optimization of several methods

we all know, the speed is directly related to the website user friendliness, a slow website is difficult to attract users. So, how to optimize the speed of the site, here is my personal experience to talk about:

, note the use of Table page. The contents of the whole page into a Table, this is the problem of web design, many webmaster in order to pursue the unity of the whole page aligned, the content of the page into a table, and then by the TD cell to divide each block layout, the website display speed is absolutely slow. Because Table are loaded after the show to all the content, if certain content cannot be accessed, it will delay the entire page access speed. The correct approach is: the content is divided to several have the same pattern of Table, not all stuffed into a Table.

optimization page, page file size reduction. We will browse the web page content is actually in the virtual host is downloaded to the local hard disk, and then explain the browser view. Download page speed in the display speed accounted for a large proportion, so the page itself in the space is small, so the browsing speed will be faster. This requires doing "they follow all the simple principle, do not use too much Flash animation, pictures and other resources. Clean and concise page will give people a feeling of clear thinking. Try to use.


two, JS calls. ASP, ASPX, PHP and other file access to.Js references, which should be paid attention to in the ASP, ASPX, PHP program design, if you want to be in a static HTML page embedded in the dynamic data, the dynamic data is provided by ASP, PHP and other procedures, will use the following the statement quoted, so every time someone visits your site, the server must implement and process a tongji.asp file, it should be pulling data from the database, and then output to the page display, if there are tens of thousands of people visit at the same time, we should implement the consequences of tens of thousands of times, as can be imagined. In these programs will be dynamically generated data to a 1.js file, then home by code to reference the 1.js file. In this way, data show that the task is for the client browser do not consume server resources, display speed. The website of the page file there are a lot of JS references, JS automatically generated content through the background process, so the access speed is very fast.

three, iframe nested another page. If you want to insert some ad code on the site, and do not want to let these ads affect the speed of the website, then use the most appropriate iframe. The method is: will the ad code into a separate page, and then on the front page with the following code to the page can be embedded, so as not to delay because the advertising page and drag the display page.