What are the benefits of sharing love Shanghai for website optimization


now love Shanghai in the search results page, according to Shanghai has increased the share of love, a record for the thumb, thumb, many owners feel very excited at the beginning, but after a period of observation, the thumb is only played a reminder of the role, and no the optimization of website what bring substantial help, such as to enhance the weight of the website or website ranking etc. Therefore pen >!


three: love Shanghai share for the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization function has not yet been confirmed

actually love Shanghai itself is to encourage owners to use this tool to share the love of Shanghai button, because it is said in its official statement, and if the webmaster can use love Shanghai sharing tools, when the number of spiders in Shanghai once love to detect user share more, will increase the number of ergodic love Shanghai spiders, so as to enhance the website the included speed, including website snapshot of the update speed of love Shanghai! Can even make the site updated snapshot of Shanghai love effect! From this love Shanghai official explanation, know love Shanghai promotion% share this tool determination, it also shows that the need to make money in the sea, it must to share the love Shanghai button tool installed on


website user experienceIn fact,

for the webmaster, use love Shanghai to share is not necessarily a behavior forced, actually use love Shanghai sharing can improve their website to some extent user experience, as mentioned above, many users can share their own love Shanghai love to share content to the SNS class website. It will be more user browsing, it can also increase your site exposure, to improve their website brand has a very good help, love Shanghai for their share of visible sites, but also has many benefits! Of course before use must share the love of Shanghai, planning structure your website, avoid love Shanghai to share the pop-up interface block main content on the page

Shanghai: love sharing can let love spiders in Shanghai every day run several times website

now many websites offer love Shanghai share function, this is actually a love Shanghai open button tool through WEB2.0, can make the content of the web site to quickly share the happy net, renren贵族宝贝 and micro-blog and blog on the SNS website! When users browse the site content, after the pop-up that sharing interface. There may be many people think it is convenient to share blog or website SNS! But surely there are some users will feel uncomfortable, because some sites sharing function in the design of the site, often will cover the important content, resulting in browsing is not smooth, so relative to the disadvantages, can share the love of Shanghai give up, if not, then love Shanghai sharing can bring what effect to the


two: love Shanghai share in a certain sense, has the promotion effect of