The site contains three main executioner keenly aware of the lower


as the saying goes in the arena, which is not under the knife. I have two years of experience optimization. Also after several times revised the site and the site of the punishment. For us to optimize the personnel to fight the greatest drop, then the site is included to reduce, because we know if not included don’t talk about rankings more don’t talk about traffic. I have experienced a sharp decline in several sites included the situation, and everything has its reason, only to find these reasons can really make it a misfortune. It is included to reduce the means that your site is punished? In fact, there are a lot of time because our site details do not lead to the. So the author today on their own personal experience to share three reasons lead to sites included sharply reduced.

I think all the webmaster should know if the space is not stable, often can’t open it to the negative effects caused by the large site. It included the problem, if you can not open the site is not stable, will lead to a search engine can not perform normal crawling included. But can not open the regular will reduce the site in the search engine’s trust. As the author of the site of the above server problems, can’t visit, happened to be in Shanghai when the search love big update, the lead author of the site included is not good, after very regret not in the choice of server effort.

site revision does not handle the details of



two: the site of the chain fell sharply


Three reasons:

one reason: the site space is not stable

included the site encountered in the last stage of rapid reduction of pictures.


chain can affect the rankings and the weight of a site level, this is every webmaster know. The chain fluctuation included drop and the site the site of the ghosts. The main reason may be due to low quality of the chain, to promote the collection, there is a sharp decline in the chain dropped will also lead to the collection. I have also encountered this problem, because I have a cooking site, the site has a lot of experience, so I choose the construction experience of Shanghai love chain platform, when the construction of the hard chain on the platform for more than a month after the nightmare came, I love the experience of Shanghai the account was closed, and the chain which has also been deleted, the rapid decline of the chain, included the final implicated is the site also reduced. The reason is because the chain is like a search engine entrance into our site, and if the entrance rapidly decreased, then the search engine will naturally reduce the site index and included.