O2O talking about the mission strategy and tactics of starting an undertakingExpose 5 common Wangzh


two, "earn * * yuan, free Wangzhuan training: advertisers claim, to learn, to see results, after paying, oh, well, too tempting. Deception: often you learn for a while, then they will tell you that you need a website to earn advertising fees, they can provide you with a website program, the price is very low. So we pay to buy, but buy that money is really hard, and then contact them, no longer used, because they have been denied. And this website program, perhaps is the website template that can be downloaded from the Internet free of charge.


just write this topic, my mind suddenly think of a child to read Qian Zhongshu’s "Tan Yi Lu", "more than one begins, Masaki talked about art, and before the world of Yan who, a little on the discussion……" What about me? Why do you like strategy? Because I can’t do anything else…… I also have a lot of readers, like me, belong to "simple minded limbs," but you know, any tactics, should obey the guidance of strategy and strategy, and shall comply with the direction of the mission. The wrong relationship will become what I said before. "Winning the battle, losing the war" is terrible.

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in any field are not quiet, Wangzhuan too, is filled with all kinds of deception, today the Chinese net Wangzhuan to introduce 5 common scam Wangzhuan:

1, "hiring part-time typists, earning * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * can earn money, then those who advertise should be the finance minister, so that there will be no poor people in China.". Deception is often asked whether you need to give you a deposit, the general users to be safe to avoid, certainly hope that people first deposit to call us, then fooled, they will give you a call transfer, allows you to enter your bank card number and password, so your bank card money is transferred to the people’s account, and they disappeared, no matter how you contact him, but he could not find it.

took home the beaver for example, "the liberation of the world mission is a craftsman, let them have the self brand" life guard -? Listen enough "virtual"? But you have to know all kinds of "strategic choice" in a moment I talked about, must be around this "virtual mission" to. If a strategy is listening very Hyun, but contrary to the "technology, self brand mission, is in any case will not be adopted by us, not to mention the landing to the tactical level to perform.

is indeed so someone is uneven in quality, and cast doubt on the Wangzhuan, think Wangzhuan is a lie. The Chinese want to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan network can tell friends here, first congratulations, Wangzhuan is a >

three, "added * * business alliance, become a member of": you need to pay to join the organization, the name of a website to you, let you through this web site to make money, is the general shopping site, the most important thing is to introduce others to join, can give you a commission. Deception: do you have this website, really make money? No! How do you make money? They will tell you a lot of the members earn capitation fee! This is worthy of the name of network marketing! Really earn money, you pull the head earned, and not through the operation of network station. And the web site for you is just a cloak. This deception has a strong hidden, many people have been fooled. Once the contact net Wangzhuan customer service, cooperative operation requirements of this project, promotion is in the Wangzhuan online, our customer service refused

four, black color. National laws clearly prohibit the sale of lottery tickets online. The people who play the black color, mostly only a small number of people earn money, that is, we often say that the top of the Pyramid people earn money!

mission is to guide the strategy? Let us carefully to talk — a key strategy of unraveling, not only to tell myself "what", but also to tell all the staff of the company "not to do"

five, do the task to make money. According to the requirements of the website, let you complete the task, often ask you to register those ads, the result is that through your registered advertising, the site owner earned money, and you get nothing.

said the first enterprise mission, this thing with no reality whatever "". In fact, too small start-ups tend to be "opportunity oriented" and seize an opportunity to make money quickly, so it’s not always true. "What is our mission to start a business?"". But one day, you have to face this problem, if through the initial stage, some enterprises began to develop, you are not to think of this, and your buddies like a headless fly, still only know where to make money, where to run…… Running and running, I guess I lost my way.

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product guide in a variety of O2O services, the first kind of high frequency low volume service, second types of low-frequency non-standard closed-loop services, third categories between the two closed loop services.

and the establishment of the mission, but also a good, is "crossing the temporary gains and losses" – as we all know, because no Manicure beaver home division Commission, one thirty while not to earn a penny, every month is a huge loss, so the internal staff have trouble ah, not to earn profits, wages no way too much — but you guess why they have high morale to overflowing? I want to say a sense of mission "brainwashing" has played a great role! Take yesterday January 15th, in a single month at day 7424, single, 1 million 60 thousand turnover paid, the day the highest Manicure division Wendy day to earn fifteen thousand and nine hundred yuan! Can be the most happy is our internal staff, although many of them a month’s income is less than the Manicure division one day, but because they believe that "the liberation of craftsman" concept, from the heart A heart of joy, filled in the brow.