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how exactly is the incubator in Shenzhen? A thorough investigation has been carried out in the state, and the vast majority of people in the industry hold reservations about the collapse of the Shenzhen incubator. They believe that, indeed, no matter how many creative spaces, especially incubators, bear operational pressure, and its nature is due to poor profitability. But it is too early to say that the tide of closures is imminent, and the future trend of incubators is still promising. The coming integration and breakout of this industry will be imminent.

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in addition, Shenzhen entrepreneurial logo – Shenzhen Bay venture Plaza, has become a pioneer in Southern China and even China Entrepreneurs eyes. It is understood that at present has gathered more than 40 incubators and joint office space settled, has been Pegasus brigade, Lenovo nebula, Jingdong, JD+, 3W, and the exhibition Valley, the Antarctic Circle and other Shenzhen heavyweight incubator favorite. For the location of the future will become the future, no ground for blame Shenzhen one of the most remarkable center, many new fields in the incubator said, this is an important factor to consider doing incubator here.

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for the spread of the crazy incubator collapse tide, the state visited, found that only on the Shenzhen Bay venture Plaza more than 40 incubators, the operation into a polarized state. Rivers and lakes called " circle " Antarctic Circle CEO Pan Guohua told reporters that the Antarctic current occupancy rate is not 100% of the problem can be as high as several hundred percent. People understand business service operation mode of the Antarctic Circle is not difficult to see that the entire service chain, the role of space for only one carrier service, the six different sections of the business has formed a comparatively perfect.

2015, became the first year of the outbreak of the Shenzhen incubator. According to the "Southern Metropolis Daily" reported today on a group to investigate the living conditions in the incubator data, deputy director of the Ministry of science and technology of Shenzhen torch center Yang Yuecheng said that in 2015 the number of national science and technology business incubator is close to 3000, an area of over 80000 square meters. In Shenzhen, business incubator carrier of various types, different subjects also rain bamboo shoots emerge. As early as last December, the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee and executive vice mayor of Shenzhen said in a statement, Shenzhen now has more than 4 million 600 thousand square meters of incubators.

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, Shenzhen incubator, living status,

many industry insiders reflect, in fact Shenzhen has far exceeded the area, incubation carrier is operating has more than one thousand, in addition, many real estate enterprises have to catch a " double " the wind, the traditional industrial park upgrade, Xinghe, Cheonan, Huaqiang North SEG, starting from different areas, provide space as a business incubator.

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tiger sniffing the network a "Shenzhen incubator face closures" of the draft, a ripple, there are many media follow said closures has really come, all sorts of phenomena is a reflection of the now seemingly jittery representation of the entrepreneurial boom.

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