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third kinds of ways of allocating resources is to rely on the village folks, small private, basically not how to deal with the public.


is to see how the business ideas, is famous for its history through Feng Lun? The author of this paper is on January 21, 2013 in the positive and the island "decision-making" closed door salon at the finish, Yu Zheng and the first "reference" in March 2013 No. i..

cool living in the current state may be a lot of people do not understand. It is the end of October has just got the sky map capital investment of 100 million yuan, but at the same time turn off nearly 100 stores under the line. What makes people even more incomprehensible is that cool living is not financing for expansion, nor is it for shutting down shop, but for force, expanding the proportion of online, and reshaping the entire business model.

‘s choice of children’s homes is that Chinese consumers are very willing to spend money for their children. But you have to understand what consumers want and offer to them. Instead of what you have first, let the consumer accept it. The peculiarity of children’s home is that children and parents want different things. Parents want security, brands, environmental protection, cost performance, they want to provide the best things for children, but also want to be guaranteed, but this may not be the child’s favorite. Do you have anything on the market that children like to offer? What can be offered on the market now is nothing more than changing the furniture of adults

vertical view, facing different problems in different historical stages of entrepreneurs. For example, these years there are a lot of shift migration, turn not on asset transfer, it also involves our relationship with the system, the system is completely trust, or to keep a distance from the capital, intellectual property right? To the vertical chains of products and customers, which part on the outside, even on the part of the this is related to the future of China? System considerations. Wantong also made their own arrangements, the company resources, the upstream part of the configuration software to overseas, in the downstream part configuration to the territory.

second is to rely on the market to allocate resources, such as many listed company CEOs, this type of system is more normal relations with. The first professional, then must be transparent, even Wang Shi’s personal life was also speaking out again, but also stresses integrity, behavior characteristics of this kind of entrepreneur is consistent, neither high-profile, is not a low-key, is adjustable.

children Home Furnishing is a rigid demand, a year tens of billions of yuan in the market, and in this market and did not appear large company or brand. The business model is reasonable, and the plough, can certainly make a very valuable enterprise.

is a so-called background of dignitaries, these people are usually very low-key people, muffled fortune.

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tiger sniffing the writer is Wantong holdings chairman Feng Lun.


entrepreneurs in the choice, will face a problem: what is the relationship with our system? For example in resource acquisition mode, Chinese now has three ways:

China private enterprises did not create a hundred years old, not to do business, but in the choice of the failure. When an enterprise can concentrate in the commercial competition, and to face the game system, every action is cost. For example, light we want a part of overseas resources to this one thing, you have to re structure and capital structure, intermediary fees, service.

cool living now in Beijing, Shanghai and many other cities throughout the country has more than 100 stores, and has been fully settled in Tmall, Jingdong, vip and other shopping sites. The key to any business project is how you see the project’s planning. Cool living from the top floor design to the final implementation of the strategy, took 3 and a half years. The first step is to find the market. Before doing ACG, I did the office furniture, the traditional manufacturing enterprises, it was felt that this was not the direction in the future, so later on in the relevant areas of the project for which a threshold plate may arise in the future.

but at the beginning of the transition, the venture partners completely unacceptable, when furniture factory make money very well, you suddenly put forward to shut down the factory, change a project can not see the prospects, we can not understand. But I firmly believe that the two line battle is impossible, and the last 12 founders are divided.

cool habitat early development is to release, join, copy profit model and accumulation of funds. After the enterprise strategic shift to the Internet platform, so the ACG way is first to the creative enterprises from traditional enterprises, from creative enterprises to creative enterprises have Internet genes, this is two completely different upgrade.

ACG has two core advantages: one is the electricity supplier of furniture by Disney and other famous cartoon brand licensing, solve the problem of trust of consumers; the two is the beginning of planned access products, integration of the original O2O shop.

is a background of this new hair is not long ago, the high-end social networking site entrepreneurs sudden so-called "island retreat" storm. One is the core of the dispute: entrepreneurs shouldn’t talk about politics? To Liu Chuanzhi as the representative of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs should certainly; while some entrepreneurs with Wang Shi as the representative of the statement: "review of Chongqing incident: during the campaign, a large number of Chongqing businessmen were forced into prison, confiscation of property, life dignity has lost legal protection, even as the defense attorney also wronged sentenced to prison. I took a silent attitude. Reflection: wrong behavior is weak. In violation of the law, violations of property rights of life, the power sector should clear attitude: no

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finds the fit between the child and the adult,