7 problems must be paid attention shlf1314 Adwords keyword advertisingTalk about how to do well and

problem three: the lack of reverse keyword

a problem. The lack of

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nine, and finally the supply of goods should be sufficient, new products should continue to shelves, to attract old customers!

three, every day you pay attention to your window recommend a few times? If a concern, it is far from enough, two times three times four times is not enough, not much! Because you have recommended products off the shelf, you would recommend not to mind taking the trouble! Only recommended products is easier to search

five, adhere to their own shooting, do not ask how strong art, clear and beautiful on the list. Don’t take photos and engage spent in Hu shoots are very different compared to the real, this is their own, give yourself the trouble of

keywords !

, this feature should never be missed! It helps us to focus more effectively on advertising. By focusing around the key words in the ad groups of 10 to 30 words and creating ad headlines for each of them, we can see what keywords are good for advertising, and vice versa. It also provides us with a good opportunity to test different content, advertising headlines and text content.

it’s also necessary, and it’s very easy. Just add -free or any other don’t want it to appear at the same time with the search word, thus avoiding the burden of those facts of your advertising is not interested in people who click on your ad and the advertising expenses.

when we spend money for it, especially when it comes to a highly competitive market, we tend to try to know as accurately and as precisely as possible. >

1, first of all, how about your traffic browsing? If you don’t have the amount of browsing, it’s like a fully equipped shopping mall. No one will be ridiculous,

! ! to the customer!

you open shop of old and new friends, certainly in the process of open shop will be encountered when the business is not good, this time in an effort to find the reasons, but unlike sales that can call to find customers, sometimes at a loss, I have experienced this process, here is some of my summary:

problem two: the ad group


shlf1314’s Adwords keyword ad is really a great tool! If used properly, you can attract a large number of highly targeted customers, and let them crazy procurement of your products. But on the other hand, if you’re not careful, keyword advertising is also the place to empty your advertising fees. Like any other automated system, Adwords keyword ads also require constant input and attention, which prevents us from losing more than we can afford to invest in a large amount of advertising costs, but has received very little in return. Here are some of the problems I’ve noticed.


eight, be patient with each customer looking for the disk, but also pay attention to techniques and maintain your position.

six, always want online, but at least when the flow of large 11:30- noon, 3:30 p.m., 7:00-11:00 PM, so search your customers, you can communicate with you on the spot ah,

two, you are not every day, no time time as short as possible has a new product, it is all the time under the new frame, so that customers can search to your DD

seven, when leaving, set Wangwang message, in case customers mistake you, ignore him,

four, if you feel the flow also can now, what can be called? Is their basic flow to enhance themselves! Day 70-80, the key work is to go to the baby description, like a mall traffic already, this is it is to promote customers to buy advice! Download a baby description template, in line with their baby character template, template in the experience of Curie, here no longer! The best pictures more than 3 photos, is every angle of the baby, the customer online shopping worry is not know what specific products online, then you have to eliminate customer doubts, but as far as possible is described in detail. Be careful not to Roseau, or customers will get

of course, I don’t just mean the number of keywords. Many people use their favorite tools to conduct research on the key words, pick out the search frequency before 10 or 20 of the highest keyword or phrase, and by these keywords to defeat all opponents, talent shows itself. It is precisely because almost everyone in the spare no effort to bid for these keywords, it will lead to these keywords so hot. The results of these keywords will also increase, bidding high staggering. In fact, there is a better way, that is, select hundreds of, preferably thousands of opportunities to get higher ranking words.


think, if we have nearly two thousand words, of which most can get the top 8 or the first page of search results good rankings, so in the fierce bidding and chasing those expensive words, although these words for cheap, but often can bring us more traffic. Step back and say, even if we only have hundreds of low bid keywords, and even every word every day only these words bring us a few visitors, also add up is not a small number, you see!

question four: using generalized keyword


ten, the other is to continue to participate in activities, engage in promotions, auction and so on, here will not say more.