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blog that is more difficult to make money, we write up a bunch of articles, pictures or video, but few people down, even users are not, how to earn money, but also very easy to say, write some popular content, the picture to attract the eye, plus all to promote, as long as the flow up, talk about it more easy to make money.

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so what are the ways to make money from a blog? I do not have to say, you must know the advertising, shlf1314 Advertising is the largest in the world to do, and the credibility of the best advertising, advertising alliance of big and small plus other at home and abroad, all registered, click on the category, sales of advertising much beyond count however, due to environmental factors at home, better do CPC click on ads or less to do, or do shlf1314 Advertising, and other registration and sales advertisements are generally divided into more, but this type of advertisement requires personal webmaster has certain promotion and the network marketing ability, I now there are two kinds of blog advertising, one kind is registered, the other is a kind of sales, but not too good to do.

first brief BSP blog, BSP is English Blog Service Provider abbreviation, is Chinese BSP, as we in the Sina blog, NetEase blog, space to create our own blog blog, but this shortcoming is not free, more restrictions, in order to earn more money, we still need to create entirely our own independent blog cast a little.


    when entering the network advertising, because the previous work is really not go on, some friends should know the Internet card those things, ha ha, then I was to take delivery of two traffickers. Ha ha later can not do it, began to study online advertising.
    began to devote themselves to the study of CMS, do templates, and so on almost, and access to the ALEXA. Very headache, because there is no ranking can not take advertising, began to think of a way to brush, and most of the beginning of reading a lot of articles on the use of roaming browser ah! Or what brush alliance, and later understand how to improve ALEXA. The best way to start is to buy some meat J, then let us buddy, to write a program, then automatically install the ALEXA toolbar and hide open IE to browse their website to promote, in the short term is to achieve a certain promotion, later found ranking being punished. The reason is judged to be mutual brush. To study the packets sent by ALEXA. What, AID, what, what?! At that time, the most beneficial two articles, one in the Haier brothers forum, and one is in a Sina’s cattle BLOG. At this time, but also met a special agent to submit ALEXA packets, then study together. After testing a demerit. Because ALEXA is the next day out of the data, and that time really understand how hard it is to wait. It was an earthquake and the submarine cables were broken. There is no way to test, and later solve the problem, but also cracked a ALEXA promotion tool to fix the ALEXA problem. Now brush ALEXA prices are very cheap, but here to do domestic advertising friends a suggestion. Please brush ALEXA, then brush to 20W within 30W, enough not to let the day into the 10W. Otherwise, ALEXA’s peak will kill you.

If blog The

    I’ve been a member of the advertising League in China for a year. Let’s talk about the story of the year.

every webmaster, since to do blog, tell the truth, do not want to make money, but I think most people can not earn money, you are in a poor or semi subsistence state, so the personal blog can make money in the end? The answer is yes, although most of us are not earn money, ha ha.

did not come into contact with friends may not know, in fact is a general foreign social network service platform, we can register their own blog on it, and then share some articles on it, pictures and video, then as long as people view makes money, but the dollar is generally oh. As long as 1000 pageviews will have around $1-10 fee, and this is the flow of your blog overall flow, compared to this in front of the advertising model is relatively simple, I think as long as you add enough, attractive content, a little bit of advertising, to achieve 100> every day


      ALEXA got it and applied for the league. The first thing to do is to win 9, but this alliance is called a fierce one. But the money is absolutely unambiguous. Ha ha,     here, I recommend you do sh419 alliance, 265 alliance, Ali alliance propaganda, E alliance, ETE alliance, SOGOU alliance. These are definitely good alliances. Hey。 I hope you all believe me. Absolutely, yes. It was chosen from a group of allies. At that time, I remember the gold advertising network, in fact, this alliance is a fraud Union, but what is unexpected is that my first advertising fee comes from him.

blog is divided into several: a BSP blog, another is the independent blog, a blog there is a foreign rising, share pictures and video blog to make money.