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due to this opportunity, according to CEO Hu Dusheng, a start in order to solve the problem of the company, employee lunch, special cooking aunt, when encountering "excess capacity", they will try to carry out the lunch to the bulkhead to employees of the company, found that the response is still good. Hu Dusheng simply led the staff to set up a stall selling lunch in Wangjing office, so make a bustling business.

in Hu Dusheng’s eyes, the key to building an aunt’s kitchen was at both ends – the cooking aunt and the white-collar eating. In order to find a suitable aunt, Hu Dusheng and his team traveled to Shanghai Lujiazui area of large and small vegetable market and elderly activity center, send her apron and distribute leaflets and the way told the gathered aunts: there is such a company to support you at home cooking, and can be a dish, a hand hand money. At present, aunt kitchen in Lujiazui region has settled 11 aunts, the average per person can receive about 30 orders per day.



The kitchen is set up aunt

the Old Testament says, "one generation comes, one generation goes, and the sun rises.". In the Chinese Internet, this sentence should be changed as follows: "a generation comes, a generation does not go, the sun rises as usual.". Big brother or those big brother, upstart emerging, stocks and increments keep pace.

2013 is China Internet "Uncle" a year: Guo Quji, Yao Jinbo, Zhuang Chenchao, Zhang Wei, Yu Qiang, Li Xiang, Deng et al finally looked at his company completed the "adult ceremony", and they will continue into the cause of the "man" — used to see Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Robin Li, Zhou Hongyi Lei Jun, and other chiefs backstage performances, there must be a new face scraper out



platform takeaway, aunt kitchen on the B side saves the cost of rent, in the catering business into the "home", set up a working lunch takeaway from the home to send warm flow, and aunt kitchen through turnover from the Commission as their main source of income.


in May this year, Hu Dusheng and his team get the attention of the capital, and finally obtained millions of dollars in angel investment from the capital road. By this time, aunt kitchen became an official project and moved from Beijing to Shanghai. The expansion area also changed from Beijing in Wangjing to Shanghai in Lujiazui.


every year to do this list, there are people who ask us, "under the age of 30 upstart entrepreneurs in the end you where? Money? Users? Fame? There are more friends bluntly: in the bayonet Chinese commercial arena, this is not what you

from the beginning of 2011, "entrepreneur" magazine officially launched the "30 years old of the following upstart entrepreneurs in this list, it is the earliest Chinese attention under the age of 30 business groups list, is the eastern hemisphere’s most authoritative for the new generation of social forces of the annual inventory. Many year finalists of the young entrepreneurs from business transformation of course, the Internet accounted for relatively large, both famous angel, the first VC recommendation, recommendation is bold, but more of a green hand, from our reporter, mining in the past year and reported.

a lot of work for ordinary office workers, what you eat in the morning, what to eat, what to eat at night is more like three ultimate problem in their life, especially the noon meal, busy only takeout, not only fewer options, and most of the oil export heavy greasy dishes. Wandering outside, a home tastes so difficult.

2014, under 30 years old upstart upstart

Compared with other In fact,

aunt kitchen menu, both with a good work package, but also support single point of private dishes, single products prices are more than 25 yuan, slightly higher than the price of 10 million low-end dining. Therefore, aunt kitchen locked for customers in the high-end customer groups: the diet has certain requirements and ability to pay, mainly concentrated in the core business district and high-quality residential district.


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undeniably, in the list of the past 3 years, almost every year there is the first reported by the "state of the nation" after a hit entrepreneurs. For example, the meaning of American advertising. He is the first year of 30 under the age of upstart entrepreneurs on the cover, after a month in the magazine market, investors will be invited to IDG and get the investment, but before this, the investment community almost nobody knows to force the United States and Shu Yi; and one from Shanghai finalists – Zhang Yuangang Ze Yang technology the reports about his new show, our reporter received a call from Sequoia Capital Partners, hope to meet Zhang Yuangang. But at that time, "no lack of money," Zhang Yuangang rejected the other’s investment intentions until today, Ze Yang technology did not attract external investment, it is said they are about to impact the GEM

as the media, we always believe that gold is always shining, not gold, you are making it for him everyday

is different from other takeaway O2O. The B end of aunt’s kitchen consists of retired aunt at home: aged between 40 and 55, age of cooking, and kitchen at home. Users need to advance one day through the aunt’s kitchen website or mobile terminal, select the aunt and dishes, second days lunch time, there will be packaged meals sent to the company downstairs.