Briefly introduce Shao CP alliance profits and processesReal fund Xu Xiaoping ofo investment returns

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      mention CP platform, want webmaster should know, CP provider is to provide channel interface of a platform!

      SP is a provider of content and interfaces!

Tencent science and technology news editor, as angel investment community net red, the real fund founder partner Xu Xiaoping investment letter, buy a single man, jumei and other projects. Currently, the ofo share the bike on the air port, and the real estate fund is also involved. According to Xu Xiaoping revealed that the current fund to invest ofo million RMB, as of now, its investment returns have nearly 30 times. At a forum, Xu Xiaoping talks about the philosophy of investing in real funds and how to find top entrepreneurs. The following is the real fund Xu Xiaoping speech finishing:

everything in the world due to the value of a thing, is the entrepreneur’s creative behavior, that he wanted to provide a service, to create a product to do this thing after the capital market.

first learned of angel investment in 2005, when New Oriental is preparing for the listing, I learned a New Oriental’s former colleagues invested 200 thousand yuan to the company in 2003, 24 months after the company Nasdaq, 200 thousand yuan investment in the former colleagues nearly doubled to 100 times to 20 million yuan and this company is the air network, it was the fastest in the domestic Internet Co listed companies.

      CP alliance platform, in addition to achieve the basic functions of the CP based e-commerce platform on the market, the original partners can independently convert SP multi channel technology, realize the fool management, make the SMS alliance partners can easily access, not in the upset to write interface.

      also some people say that now there is no good channel uplink is not good. If you really get to know the market, you’ll find out!

angel invests in enlightenment

although at that time, New Oriental dividends each year and many, but this is a hard year for each shareholder income. In contrast, my former colleague invested 200 thousand yuan, what had been done to earn so much money, is inadmissible. I will then collapse, and from that time I feel the charm of private equity, angel investment and wealth created by the great mystery, then I think of how I can put my 200 thousand over 100 times or more. It can be said that I do angel investment, in line with the New Oriental’s slogan, "looking for hope in despair", I was in a friend made a lot of money in despair, got the enlightenment, this is the 2005 thing.

      CP Alliance – specifically talking about how to profit, we must start from the SMS alliance, and now the number of short message alliances is countless. For example, CP alliance registration 6000/, 1 volume difference of 0.5 yuan, so one day profit of 3000 yuan, the CP alliance is between the Union message and SP service provider platform, formal SP service providers are settled in every 2 months, and now the Union message many individuals are to operate, if direct access to the SP operator, is the pressure on liquidity and risk SP2 months after the problem will not be settled, etc. so CP alliance is produced, the CP alliance can integration and SP resources. Multi channel access cooperation and a number of SP business, and settlement or week settlement to the SMS alliance, so it effectively reduces the message’s alliance operation cash flow pressure and risk, CP union registered amount can be profit, if the deduction amount, then the profit will be more remember gentle don’t button too much oh! that’s what makes CP alliances profitable. That’s why so many people are doing CP alliances at the moment.


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later, I finally found the conclusion that McDonald’s is a billion dollar company, it is based on a burger; Starbucks the tens of billions of dollars in market capitalization of the company, based on its source a cup of coffee from Starbucks founder of the coffee passion; and for you, it is really worth from one of the students who are willing to pay to Yu Minhong micro-blog, Yu Minhong let the teacher teach them the class of such a behavior.

      CP Alliance – that is engaged in the integration and SP resources, realize multi channel access, providing a plurality of SP channel selection platform for the SMS alliance, and the settlement way, to provide funds to advance for the size of the Union message, reducing the pressure on liquidity.

from the New Oriental teacher into a real fund investors, there is an important turning point, that is, on the eve of the New Oriental listing, we go to Hongkong to do preparatory work. Walking in the street I suddenly thought, how did we get to this point? How to make Goldman, Merrill Lynch, Morgan STANLEY such international investment banks are chasing us? When a New Oriental annual sales of seven, eight hundred million yuan, three hundred million yuan, profits of two, P/E has reached ten times, twenty times, suddenly I own the rationality of the existence of doubt.