Chen Tianqiao the most advanced family managementAbout dark horse Sogou Pinyin does not settle accou

, many entrepreneurs began to push the body forward to light, unique one Chen Tianqiao sat in his chair, looking at the hands of the data from time to time to resist the lively ear.

2004, December 3rd, China Hotel, ", ", the most popular entrepreneur. Eat meal

after pinched point to Chen Tianqiao, the lively scene obviously feel a little misfits. So when the reporter asked him out for an interview, he jumped out of the room happily.

almost no sense not confident! So when it comes to family management and other issues, the 34 year old Shanda chairman, tone and firm, think " family management is the most advanced management of the whole society, ". For how to deal with "can not " with the times, ""; the old man of entrepreneurship, he stressed: "" if someone left behind, we will not hesitate to eliminate him."! "

select managers standard: to the profit of the enterprise is heavy

1, why didn’t you write these rules when you started Sogou Pinyin online?

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

why is every injury always stationmaster? Why do you push the risk to the station every time? We will comply with your League regulations and please settle the money which was previously promoted. We will follow your announcement from now on. But please settle the money before.

, Grandpa, have a meal, please buy an order! We "shop" is business with a small capital!


looked at the announcement and came out with an open flame.



content page:

4, give me the feeling into the black spots, for example: our shop will be 5 yuan, when you pay the bill, and then give you extra service charges, tips, tableware fees…. In short, a word "black"

dark horse as a veteran of the old union should not really so "black" bar!

2, other advertising Union stopped Sogou Pinyin download half a month ago, is said to be officially stopped

found a black horse announcement today,

webmaster information alliance group: 2360256
the first time to let you know the dynamic alliance!

3, does this announcement mean that it will pave the way for future promotion fees