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reportedly, "a show of fame" App, to the successful TV + network draft model, the reality show Internet new gameplay in the end, by a lot of fans touted. In the Roundtable, Fang Jun said "science and technology circles here, as the entertainment to me is to hold the thigh before, when doing the dance program, to hold the top three television thighs, now App business, we should hold the Tencent browsing service Internet technology circle thigh."

Jianghu business district is a life O2O system tool developed for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can quickly build a life / business district / community O2O platform through this system, and effectively reduce the cost of start-ups.

, in collaboration with Tencent’s browsing service, quipped: "it’s like seeing a beautiful woman in the middle of the chase.". Seeing that Tencent’s browsing service brings to the start-up companies the benefit of the whole ecological closed loop, they can’t wait to bring back the "beauty". At the same time, Tencent for partners and users of the open concept, the future is also the goal of our start-up companies learning."

as a life O2O platform, you need to cover all aspects of life in full. Not only outside, buy, errands, or home, community, social headlines are needed.

for the start-up of app "fame", based on the network show end user stickiness, output characteristics of interactive demand high a lot of original video content on the network, and to provide quality content Master established fan base, the objective of browsing technology ability is very high. In the early stage of App operation, the live video playback, browsing technology supporting capacity shortage, easy adaptation problems of high cost, safe, stable, consumption flow, slow speed and poor video playback, poor ability to file. At the scene learned that Tencent browsing service technology upgrade, will bring technical upgrading of partners, to ensure that users browse the stability of App, enhance the user’s browsing experience.



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4 multiple marketing plug-in

1 beautiful UI


function is the foundation, operation and marketing is the survival of the platform. A variety of marketing plug-ins help users gain access to platforms and increase viscosity.

Internet development into the second half, the local vertical life service O2O market has entered a new stage of development. Compared to the recently published "China Internet local service competition pattern research report" in 2016, the consultation shows that as the market conditions mature, 2017 will become a turning point in the period of structural growth.



client, merchant side, operating side of these must have all, and need in APP, PC, WeChat and other use scenarios freely flow.

3 reasonable and comprehensive functional design

can be seen from the figure, life service O2O market in 2013 of the first year of domestic O2O explosive growth, and then in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 growth rate gradually slowed down. However, to 2017, still maintained more than 200% growth rate, the market has reached more than 10 million. This phenomenon is mainly due to investment in the capital market for O2O life entrepreneurial projects gradually return to calm and the 2017 life service O2O market is a mature market in the true sense, good habits of users many O2O companies have developed a user’s O2O use habits with real money, the stability of the capital market the development of broad market, capital waiting, is waiting for entrepreneurs entrepreneurship new opportunities. This billion market, how can you absent,

, an excellent life service CMS, will be able to think what you think and help you go further,

is excited and skeptical about being a start-up in the Internet industry. App has a technical matching problem in the process of matching different handsets. At the same time, Tencent’s opening up advertising resources is a huge asset for start-ups." Fang Jun expresses. The Tencent browsing service upgrade will provide partners with integrated Tencent underlying technology, content framework, advertising system, as well as large data and many other capabilities to upgrade browsing solutions.



April 28th, in the 2016 global mobile Internet Conference GMIC, Tencent held "fusion Tencent browsing service upgrades conference."". Famous dancer and "a show of fame" Chairman Fang Jun as partners, guests attended the meeting, and in the round table forum said: "to hold Tencent browsing service thigh."".

believes that in the future, more start-ups will access Tencent browsing service "holding thighs", better implementation of App operations and user operations.


5 strong follow-up expansion

simple, beautiful UI design is the basis for obtaining users, this is essential.


2 full range of usage scenarios