The statistical index system

index statistics is how to come, I do not know, a bit like KPI products (index here is the focus of attention on the Internet)

is the first contact with the Google search trends, later Baidu index, you can see the index alone what is learned is not much, it also had statistical reports on user behavior and good combination of industry, research on so many things, but to understand what is popular now, in a certain period what is popular things, what the local people are more concerned about what kind of age groups, what kind of character, what kind of sex, what kind of education, what kind of income, the degree of concern what industry user groups of a product. People’s spending power, cognitive level.

know Google more than Baidu provides language distinction, of course Baidu users probably do not need to distinguish between all know, using popular, popular words are classified retrieval about Chinese, but this knowledge is not good. The retrieval of AV in Japan, do you know which country is the user in a lot of attention? Google provides a more detailed comparison between time zones, different time zone data can be easily obtained, has higher reference value.

events related to the period are indexed by keywords in their own news channels. There is nothing special about it, and the vast majority of the exponential change is less convincing from the associated news. There is no better event system to describe the causes of those inflection points. On the one hand, the news itself lacks such information; on the other hand, the content of the index is based on the range of keywords matching, or is it too narrow?.


for user simulation evaluation index range is also prone to migration, but the 2 are not the corresponding guide tool, a very simple example, I was looking at the "NOKIA" has recently been concerned about the extent of the system should tell me, Internet users also pay close attention to the words which are related to the information concerned have? A similar web search related words recommended, different is the word first index, then have a good correlation between the word and I am concerned.

if the index system can replace the data report to a greater extent, it is better to add the user’s relevant information to the direct background analysis log.

we can also think so, we get a user behavior data report, male, 25 to 30 years old, bachelor degree or above, salary between 3000 to 8000 people also pay attention to pay attention to the stock car. If the index system can achieve this step is really cattle, ha ha..