Electricity supplier domain name destiny polarization fire or decline

online shopping is the era, the domestic electricity supplier website throughout, the major electricity supplier in the domain name strategy, marketing and other aspects of competition. Recently, Ge Binbin business platform product poly network pinju.com announced the suspension of business, Jingdong mall successfully acquired the Japanese trend of shopping mall "fan you pick" B2C minitiao.com, the two extremes of the electronic business representative, hidden behind what business domain name how many


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in 2010, China’s e-commerce transactions amounted to 4 trillion and 800 billion yuan, an increase of 33.5% compared to 2009, and the future growth rate will be relatively large, reaching 40% to 50% growth rate. Although 2010 has the most such a considerable data indicators, but the electricity supplier market is still inevitable "winter."". And the face of these electricity providers domain name is what kind of situation?.

has been called "one of the online supermarket Hutch" large warehouse dahuozhan.com could not escape the fate of "shut down" in September last year, shutting down 3P, dahuozhan.com disappeared in the eyes of the public domain. Lazy guy online supermarket lanjiahuo.com still can not escape the "winter", lanjiahuo.com domain name is gone forever. Shut down the electricity supplier website domain name, so gone, in the public attention, sad cry ah!


shutting down the electricity supplier website, some "give up" can not operate for many years, domain name, will be another "new posture" stand up again. For example, online shopping platform – net retail office sago ximi.com shut down from the food industry, the transformation of the electricity supplier variable ordering platform, Baidu has ah mall youa.com shut down, after the transformation of the local information and life service platform, two e-commerce sites can not be based on electric business, were chosen from the electricity industry and does not have any relationship, will make full use of good domain name.

electricity supplier strong domain name ring territory expansion……

strong survival, to adapt to the electricity market on the "brutal", "strong", "fierce" competition, survive, electricity providers are all thinking of further expanding its territory. Alibaba alibaba.com with B2B, B2C model development, trade website is the domestic electricity market unique "flag", but the Alibaba group field of electricity supplier is constantly expanding, Taobao, taobao.com and Taobao mall independent spin off tmall.com, Juhuasuan juhuasuan.com and other spin off group purchase platform electricity supplier. But will look into other industries, such as the field of social hupan.com, paid in the field of Alipay alipay.com, is to buy Pinyin domain name zhifu.com.

Jingdong share mall 360buy.com in the field of electricity supplier can not look down upon, also bought double spell domain name jingdong.com, Jingdong mall more expansion pace has been.