have a record of standing by Baidu

, my download network (IT patriot Resources Download: sqy88.cn), was pulled overnight Baidu, traffic at the end of poor, I talk about my situation, to see if there is any way to help me!


Download Network (www.sqy88.cn) was established in February, Baidu included a large area, because the domain name teaching for a long time, the chain more, so also included more, not just a half a month, is a collection of tens of thousands, ranking only after more than before, the more than 120000. One day the peak can also bring more than 20000 IP traffic, but in May 23rd when Baidu update, space is only more than 1000, second days more than 600, now only more than 300, my website has never specifically to engage in keyword optimization, had pulled the website before, but it is a a little less, it’s not like the night out, as a warning for the future, I did some online modification, hope that the next period of time to recover


one, may be TITILLE keyword accumulation too much, so first of all pages of TITLLE change less,

two, every day to increase a few original articles, no longer rely on included,

three, modifying the directory of the server,

four, modify the home page file name.


wants me to be able to get Baidu, as a webmaster, do live to rely on traffic webmaster, Baidu is not very poor, no letter, just pull out of the opportunity and also hope you give me more advice. To solve this problem, thank you for all the grief,