Discussion on the operation methods of local websites

1, the website is like our real shop and business, need to take care of frequently, even if the good business, you do not manage and operate, that certainly also does not have the income. So at least every day to update a few information or information, so that users will feel that the site is running. If there is no new information or information for a few days, then if you are a netizen, you will feel that the website is not managed.

2, looking for their own core Internet users, that is, the region often on-line members, and these Internet users often communicate, ask them to help publicity, because they have plenty of time. Increase one’s position in the network.

3, often organize or participate in some social, enterprise, group activities, each activity must bring business cards, take photos, and publicity with enterprises, establish their own media position. Because we now have Internet users online every day, for the photos we released will have a browse. This will also lead to better development of our network users.

4 uses its own advantages and uses various means of propaganda. You can set up your home page when you sell a computer, or recommend a website to your customers. Advertisers can make use of their own idle resources. When shooting, you can take more pictures of the audience and tell them to download photos from the scene today. In fact, as long as we pay attention to it, we will find a lot of publicity opportunities that can be used.

5, name card to carry, this is very important, this is the richest man in the world, Bill Gates said: even if it is to get a haircut, I also want to let the waiter know what I was doing, because it is likely that she needs.

in short, the network and the reality of the same business, investment and returns are proportional to, precisely because everyone is not optimistic about the opportunity, if we all do it, then there may be nothing for us. Make good use of existing resources, find more available resources, this is the road of development.

there are some operation methods, such as: the issuance of a web site to the Internet cafe T-shirts, flyers, free cleaning mouse pad, cleaning the finished printed on your own web site (such as: Chifeng bokee.com Chifeng’s own home network). Make chair covers for Internet bars. And so on, some rely on their own to explore.

the most important thing, the content of the website must be updated every day, even if only one. Otherwise, even if the netizen comes, also can go.

I originally reproduced, please indicate the source: Chifeng blog network: http://s.home.oktv8.com.