Five methods of enhancing website users’ stickiness and loyalty

Yishifumu user is for the website, if there is no profit without the user’s website, the website is not profitable, the webmaster will have to drink the northwest wind, put up the shutters, so users for webmasters are very important, while users get the best method is to tap the existing users, to allow these users to become your loyal, so you can slowly add more users, the development of four more, here we have to introduce five methods for the development of loyal users of


1: communicate via QQ group

In fact,

QQ group is to get help make many friends group by means of broadcast, also can answer all questions users, is one to many communication platform, such as when you appeared on the website of a new function, but also more complex, if at this time beside an advertisement, if you need help, please contact our QQ group, I believe you will love this advertising very much, but not disgusted! Because at this time you are looking for relevant channels to solve this problem, but this time the channel in front of nature will make people feel very happy, that is to enhance the user experience of


two: online customer service communication

At present a lot of

e-commerce websites have provided online customer service to enhance the user experience, because it is good for all kinds of operations can not be a lot of users on your site, but also for a variety of policy that is not well understood, even for some text comprehension ability is relatively poor, so the best the method is capable of online customer service, timely communication and customer service, nature can solve problems quickly and effectively help users, so that the site by users love


three: communicate via 400 phone

want to know the telephone communication effect is the best, the effect is high, because the typing certainly did not talk fast, in addition to knock text is also prone to ambiguity, resulting in some of the problems can be avoided, so provide a landline phone number is very necessary in the website, but this phone to really want to there are personnel on duty, and not just become a decoration, or others have no results in repeated complaints by telephone or advice, it will make people lose interest on your site, resulting in the loss of customers


four: communicate via online message

when users visit our site, it has this or that there will always be some doubt, call the trouble, and the corresponding message system on the site, so many people are willing to leave their own confusion in the message system, hope to be able to get other people’s help, in fact this message system is very simple however, the effect is very obvious!

five: interactive and rewarding activities complement each other

at present, many websites blindly send money promotion way, one kind is through own effort, carries on the appropriate SEO optimization, only then carries on own website rank