The site was born six months later the feeling of rebirth

08 years ago, I inadvertently contacted the network, to understand the website production, website optimization and website promotion. See so many webmaster have their own personal standing, so they have sprouted this idea, oneself also try to make a belong to own first web site. Well, in October 08 I have their own web site – zero shocking network do not know when the website heart happy days, can’t sleep sleep, all day immersed in the web site. Want to make their sites be included in Baidu, after my hard work pays off, my site at about 10 days after the submission of Baidu included, the mood is not words, can not say happy, this collection of speed in 08 years is still relatively fast compared to · · ·

; Oh!

in less than half a month, my keyword is in Baidu all first place, this result is very satisfied. I have been studying hard for a few months, and SEO is finally learning. But when you are happy, the unfortunate thing happened, suddenly found website suddenly reduced, then slowly home gone, later found to be a horse. Really depressed for a long time; · · · did not think of the first site to have met such a thing ~ Khan · · ·

from December last year until May of this year, that is, a few days ago, Baidu released. Suddenly a lot of peace in mind, no mood before to manage the site, more than half a year, and now finally released, the site finally reborn.