Novice webmaster must pay attention to the domain name and space problems

today’s "CN domain name 8 points a cabbage price, do not grab?", "tomorrow 1g omnipotence space of less than 100 yuan, or two" often see this behind the signature, often see such advertising in the group, the sale of these are who? I understand these do most is a webmaster, IDC but do that, why? Why?

webmaster should pay attention to domain name a, I also use CN?


dare to use the CN domain name, we should do a good job in constant time Baidu is not included in preparation, of course also included Baidu block CN domain, but from the current circle of the atmosphere, or included is still relatively bleak. So, why don’t we spend more money to buy a domain name of COM? 45-60 in the first year of the average range, how much money a genius? After a year even if you want to renew, for a year, do not earn a renewal of money? If so, I have nothing to say. I have a lot of CN domain name last year, my heart also has a group of aspiring garbage station plan, think the plan of hundreds of thousands of IP is in the affirmative, but N long after, Baidu is not included, I want to forget it, take the CN domain name I want to do a garbage station. It is better to do a few COM domain names, conscientiously do stand good. Therefore, experienced webmaster all know, do not stand CN domain name, and it takes so long to collect cycle, not to time cost into operation cost good.

so, decide to buy it. Two of my domain name: met a tough problem, my domain agent disappeared, is through the agency to buy, how to renew the problem bothering me for a long time, because my password is in the agent platform, no password management, not contact the agent to transfer the password. I was dizzy, so it took me a lot of time to transfer the domain name to my own management gate. So the lesson I remember is necessary to share some webmaster, buy the domain name, the best way is to some of the more formal company, I is the domain name to me below in the "reciprocity Chinese" their registered account, such control in their own hands. Now many webmaster do stand, a few years later, the site has a certain scale, do not fall in the above domain renewal.

webmaster should pay attention to the space problem.

as a webmaster, I believe we have bought a lot of space, but a lot of problems may not have noticed, because this space is not a space problem. Recently our station products special love polymerization system began to sell, some commercial user feedback such problems, not the normal use of the product. When we’ve seen some of the corrections, we’ve found that there’s more space, some users buy a 500m space, and the space component has a low version, fewer extended components, and slower access