The establishment of the master with Baidu peer concept do not always declare war on Baidu


perhaps Baidu in the update, and K dropped a web site, perhaps Baidu and reduce your site keywords ranking, perhaps Baidu also deleted your website included content. But anyway, now Baidu search engine in the country are in the dominant position, if you want your website to be able to survive, if you want your website can bring benefits for you, then you have to remember: people do not fight with the officer, the owners do not grudge with Baidu.

from the beginning of last year, the Baidu K station storm continued until now (April 2013), it can be said in the middle of both owners applauded, also think this is against Baidu webmaster webmaster tools, but anyway as an ordinary webmaster we have to follow the rules of the Baidu, Scindapsus whether Baidu’s algorithm Baidu snapshot or announcement, as a webmaster only respect is king, and in the process of this respect Baidu’s webmaster must also learn three methods.

is not against Baidu’s interests. What Baidu says is what,

can tell the webmaster friends, if you don’t follow Baidu’s ideas of implementation so your website is the end of the road, there is no second way at all, on the day of business links website overlord Ali slightly, so a web site a year of turnover not in the tens of millions of yuan, the final is not by Baidu K out, what this shows that Baidu’s website only interests against death to busy here, but also for the majority of the webmaster friends a reminder: Baidu has the interests of the local site should be low-key, and if Baidu tit for tat, so our website may will be Baidu cuts.

doesn’t go against Baidu algorithm and follows the Baidu algorithm running rule

algorithm is a major means of Baidu Baidu restricts the website, it can be said that Baidu algorithm is equivalent to a discipline, an industry without their own trade rules one day will be washed out by the industry, and our website is the same, if our website has left Baidu algorithm someday will be Baidu pull hair, so to remind the webmaster friends here: follow the operation rules of the Baidu algorithm is equivalent to the following website itself, otherwise Baidu will give your site a head-on blow, believe this is all the owners are unwilling to see.

and Baidu products. Baidu does not keep people grudge, keep people at their own

has always wanted to show the webmaster in Baidu products and skill, so frequently appear in Baidu, Baidu, Baidu and so on Post Bar experience of Baidu products, but Baidu know that you answer the question, Baidu Post Bar directly delete your post, Baidu experience and closed account, this time how to do? A part of the station to hire more friends to go to these places to publish the result? Site is down right Baidu imperceptibly, even pulled out of your site, this gives owners a hint: firmly and Baidu Products >