Webmaster get the maximum reward with the least investment

1. from the Internet domain analysis: the world’s richest man Bill · Gates is the IT industry, Asia’s richest man, Sun Zhengyi is doing the Internet, 2003 Chinese tycoon Ding Lei, 2004 Chinese richest man Chen also are doing the Internet, success in the field of Internet upstart network than is Qqtengxun, such as: Ma Huateng, Ma, Baidu Alibaba Robin Li, Zhang Zhaoyang, Yang Zhiyuan, YAHOO, Sohu and so on, these people are only about 30 young people, successful entrepreneurs have no time for more than five years; the Baidu Inc in August 2005 created a miracle of wealth, overnight created 7 billionaires, 51 millionaires, more than 240 millionaires, these people are the company’s agents and management personnel, it is difficult to do in other industries; how many areas of the Internet is not a successful asset but the creativity and speed Every two years, and there will be some successful companies out, 2007 Internet advertising will A new force suddenly rises. who’s next, "Baidu"? No matter who it is, don’t cut the field of Internet is certainly not a chance, do the "agent" is the most successful Internet domain into good;

2. from the industry analysis: money is not what the industry is not as much, which industry’s success rate is the same; choose not to work, or in an idea; why can the Internet rapid success? How to choose what is right? Li Jiacheng said: when an industry is 80% people know you do not do it, while only 20% of people know you can do. Tell us: new products and new business opportunities and market space, competition, business success quickly; meaning: = creative business, strange is meaningful; from the nature of the industry in terms of call do not do the logistics, capital flow, capital flow do as information flow, do not do the electron flow information flow; type of products belong to the logistics company, financial companies are investment funds to operate, intangible The products belong to the information flow, Internet Co are of electronic electronic flow, low cost, fast; some people say: I don’t understand! Is the Internet with no predecessors industry, everyone ran together in the same line, you do not know others don’t understand you forever does not come in or do not understand, it is not because have a chance to know! Moreover, you must first learn how to sell cars are making cars come? Opportunities for those who are prepared; success =

+ courage!

3. from the business model analysis: Qi run away is the alliance: the Internet (the fastest spreading + the widest range of media and carrier) + software (world’s most successful, the maximum profit of industry and product franchise (gold) + business model since twenty-first Century the most profitable and most rapid development the perfect integration of the three), was founded in McDonald’s, Baidu and other Focus Media, based on the model of successful experience, the franchisees only need to invest a certain amount of money to start the market operation, the headquarters will provide from team building, implementation, market sales model, internal management, customer service, product technology etc. a full range of training.