The main weakness of personality and habits of the referred individual stationmaster

‘s successful website is a product of the owner’s own and positive personality, while the site’s failure is due to the webmaster’s failure to eliminate the negative personality. The most prominent negative personality is shown in the following aspects:

1, the habit of procrastination. This will result in waste of time and sluggish action.

One or more of the basic fears of

, 2, and six. A person’s heart, as long as there is any kind of fear, his website will not succeed.

The six basic fears of


A’s fear of poverty;

B’s fear of criticism;

C’s fear of disease;

D’s fear of losing loved ones;

E’s fear of aging

F’s fear of death.

might also add a fear of rejection by potential clients.

3, spending too much time promoting web sites without visitors. Promotion websites and web site visitors are different, and website visitors and promotion websites are different. Some claim to be webmaster, but do not understand the fact.

4, attempts to destroy Baidu, GG and other major search engines. Crazy SEO! Even though I don’t know much about SEO, I know SEO isn’t two days a day!


5, make excuses for yourself. The explanation doesn’t make any difference. It’s action. There’s nothing else. Never forget that.

6 is influenced by the unfortunate story rather than trying to promote it.

7, Baidu, GG and other major search engines for their own "hope."". Eventually, traffic owners hope that Baidu will always be able to listen to its own schedule before it can complete the site successfully. A good stationmaster will always make his hopes come true. That’s one of the main reasons why they become "good station owners".

8, the arrival of a passive wait. Robins are always smart, and they will never wait for someone to dig them out of the ground. A man is at least as smart as a robin, so that business won’t slip away from our hands.

9 loses heart when he hears "no". The word for a good webmaster is just a signal that a fight is about to begin. If every visitor says "good", then the actual webmaster will be out of work, because there is no difference between them.

10, afraid of competition. Henry ·: Ford has had many competitions, but he has never been afraid, because he has the courage and ability to make eight cylinder cars at a low price, even though the car industry was not booming at that time.

11 spends too much time on minor matters. You know, you’re born