Market competition has always faced the problem before it can succeed

whether it’s doing websites or other industries, competition is inevitable. Between the same industry, between similar sites, are mutual relations, competitors, but also partners, but also colleagues in the wind and rain colleagues. Competition is common, but it takes a positive attitude to win.

between the same industry, due to the coincidence of the market, in order to gain more profits, only as much as possible for more users, competition can not be avoided. But competition must be played in the proper way, suppressing and malicious competition won’t win for you. Between and eBay eBay competition has sounded the alarm for us, even if it is as strong as the global e-commerce site eBay, if a malicious opponent down, do not face the opponent, will eventually be squeezed out of the market. "July 2003, eBay eBay and Sina, Sohu, NetEase, TOM and other portals to reach exclusive advertising agreement. If any of these sites cooperation with Taobao, and other similar sites auction Yabao publicity when eBay to site a hefty fine cooperation." Even so, Taobao made another move, eventually reversing the situation and defeating its rivals, becoming the boss of China’s e-commerce market.

and do not say these station competition between grassroots webmaster is often faced with the competition between the industry. For example, the same city developed local community website, because the user and the market coincide, friction is unavoidable. Analysis of users, research market, who do more work, who can defeat the opponent, win users and the market, as well as profits.

1 face up to competitors.

Lu Xun said, "the man who knows you best is not your friend, but your enemy.". The site, must face the opponents, to understand the mode of operation of website of the other side, the so-called enemy awareness. As webmaster network, we also often learn behind the times, Chinaz, these webmaster website predecessors business model, absorb from, learn from, and constantly improve themselves, strive for better.

2 internal cause is always the key to success or failure.

materialist dialectics tells us that the internal cause is the source and motive force of the thing itself movement, the root cause of the development of the thing, and whether the website can succeed eventually depends on its own development. Although the external competition is intense, but this is only the external cause, if has not fundamentally enhanced own service, the quality, changes the insufficiency, is forever can not succeed. No matter in what kind of market competition, the website or from their own perspective, analysis of user, market analysis, find a suitable developing direction, to the clutter in the market. Finally, based on the market.

3 keep a good attitude and be yourself. was first established, in the face of the strong rival eBay eBay, Ma said humorously, "boxing met with Tyson, you may think it is bad. In fact, to find world-class competitors, it is a lifetime of luck. I think Taobao can