Build new sites experience Baidu and GOOGLE included problems

in May 18th 3 in the afternoon at Admin5 station sent an article from the construction site to the included 4 day row in GOOGLE the home page of a text, when Baidu for the network without any concrete mixer is included, I search for the word "51jiaobanji", there is no information. When more than five p.m. the end of the day, I use Baidu and Baidu search on the word, and immediately return the results, not that I included this site, but the article included the Webmaster Station, because the article which contains 51jiaobanji. From published to included, Baidu only used two hours, indicating that Baidu’s spider is very active.


that you ask, you say so much, then why are you the site how will not be included in it, personally think that is, Baidu on the site, the weight of relatively high site, if you find something new, original thing, she will be immediately included, but the small station of the nameless, the instant you the content is good, in the one and only, she will make a visit to the site, in the observation period is not he not included your site, but put in their database, temporary isolation. Well, it’s more like our Chinese character. Think twice before you act.

Google, the reaction is relatively fast, two or three days included, and even give you a better ranking. To make it clear, at eight this morning, I searched, ranking is normal, to ten when the site has been blocked by the GOOGLE, should enter the sandbox effect. Enter the sandbox of his estimated a month to come out, people are optimistic that the reason was put into the sandbox has several aspects, one is suddenly to a lot of traffic, the former is a day when flow rate is less than ten, but yesterday because the site in the station the text bring traffic problems two, yesterday afternoon and two related website made a connection. It may be a sudden notice, GOOGLE is a bit out of place. The program is automatically placed in the sandbox.

personal understanding, I not completely understand. I hope you will give us criticism and guidance.

by the way in a sudden, although the article written by garbage, but reproduced when try not to change the content and meaning of my hair, the article yesterday today I see a lot of places to reprint, but some place where she has changed beyond recognition.. Cry, pity my pain.