Linkedn recruitment website model China is feasible


send resume model rapidly disappearing, on the other hand, social recruitment is steady forward.

Li Songbo

China talent network, labor disputes caused great uproar, but behind the network job recruitment model changes, on the one hand, send resume model rapidly disappearing, on the other hand, social recruitment is steady forward.

One of the best

LinkedIn IPO took the lead in the company, the description of which called themselves "Professional Network", indicates that he is not in the traditional recruitment website, sooner or later extended to the vertical field, tempt the appetite of investors.

because LinkedIn does not provide entertainment services, and therefore not well-known in the country, in recent years domestic access is not smooth, so in addition to domestic and foreign enterprises, employees are not too much "infectious" open LinkedIn account. However, in foreign countries, LinkedIn has long been the preferred platform for job seekers, headhunters, entrepreneurs and sales. A business friend in LinkedIn invites his circle of friends to try out his own product, and tactfully invites him to become a product consultant, updates his resume, skills, and disseminates his new product brand. LinkedIn mobile terminal is also quite in place, easy to use, palm management of their professional contacts, recommended experience.

in fact, there is no lack of LinkedIn imitators, such as gifted, permanent knowledge, contact home, if neighbors, horizon, in recent years, Zhou Botong, micro recruitment is the hope of micro-blog’s user relations development. Unfortunately, none can replicate the success of LinkedIn.

what’s the reason,


reality 1: high-end users generally gray relationship, personal color in business relationships.

because of the popularity of benefits feedback, there is no high-end people willing to disclose their business relationship network. Even if I was the supplier sales and the sleeves swaying with every soft breeze, which I become friends of the notice is not suitable to spread out, at least to avoid arousing suspicion. The first meeting of suppliers, there is no reliable intermediary, it is difficult to quickly open the situation, not to mention that some business cooperation is the introduction of leadership.

reality 2: there is no active offline business network. Only in young white-collar, business school alumni.

in the western industry line, business network active, because without the need to do business through personal friendship, offline contact has become particularly important. And the follow-up, e-mail, voice mail is a kind of business etiquette is consistent with the way of communication, LinkedIn is making the network more active and more efficient, N connections let people build directly across the line contact. Chinese users will regard voice and e-mail as unimportant business contacts, the essence of which is the lack of trust and good feeling in the direct cooperation of both online and offline