nventory of the nternet’s ten major business models

website should have what, what Internet users need, what technology does the website need?…… In fact, these initial problems have been running through today’s Internet enterprise development.

, Queen of the Internet, predicted in MaryMeeker2002 that the next boom following the rise of the Internet would be SFO, representing search (search), discovery (find) and obtain. Now, over the past ten years, now, let’s look at the life of those all-powerful Internet Co.

1, search engine + Wikipedia knowledge,

stands for enterprise: Baidu


Baidu Inc, founded in January 2000, has become the world’s largest Chinese search engine based on "hyperlink analysis" technology patents. NASDAQ listed on August 2005, the issue price of $27 per share, now has Biao to $109.81, with a total market capitalization of $38 billion 368 million.

business model: PPC, advertising, click

Baidu for customers with web content related to advertising, in order to achieve profitability. Based on the search engine, established a comprehensive and perfect encyclopedia knowledge base.

2, instant messaging + Games + portal news + mailbox

stands for business: Tencent


Tencent was founded in November 1998, based on instant messaging, to create a huge interaction between friends and relatives, to achieve an online communication model. In this circle of communication, the implementation of online games, the establishment of portal. Listed in Hongkong in June 2004, the registered capital of 1 million yuan. Hong Kong stock market capitalization of 456 billion 300 million.

business models: membership, games, advertising,

Internet value-added services, mobile and communications value-added services and online advertising.

Tencent is big, just as he was in his opinion, many people don’t believe it, but that’s the truth. This is also the only Chinese Internet giant to complete the initial completion of the whole business chain of the company. Jianhan directly feel cold.

, however, Tencent has a natural bottleneck in its development, which is, in itself, a soft and optional tool for QQ, rather than a client’s rigid demand product. It is precisely this that has greatly limited the pace of its locust expansion in recent years.

3, security + browser + search engine

            on behalf of the enterprise: the Qihoo 360


was founded in 2005 with free Internet Security