Design experience for web registry forms for children’s Web sites

children’s Web site is a special type of website. Designing children’s Web sites is challenging because you need to understand children’s mental activities and habits. Of course, designers are adults in general. So in this article, we’ll discuss how to design children’s Web site web registration page (child centric experience design).

let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of children’s access to the site, the first children’s values and cognitive ability is relatively poor, so they are tired of abstract digital experience, more abstract expression of love. Moreover, as children are curious about the unknown, creative visual effects are more likely to attract them,

in addition, personal information is collected as little as possible, as children generally have little patience to fill out the content.

in addition, as children, text recognition varies.

according to the above points, let’s sum up some of the features that children’s forms need (for children within 5~12 years of age):

1: like interesting content, not abstract numbers and words,

2: something creative,

3: use pictures as much as possible

3: register information as little as possible,

4: language and text should be suitable for children to read,

– – below, we look at a few famous children websites according to the above, it is how to design registry form mostly — –

1: like interesting content, not abstract numbers and words,

5~12 year old child is difficult to understand abstract concepts and ideas, and as we generally accept the registration process, may the child appears to be unacceptable, they often say: "why do I play the game website to log on? I can go to some other do not need to login the website to play the game".

is between this point and how to make the registration page so interesting that it’s important to attract children to register.

Bobbi doll’s official website is very interesting, his registration process is completely self built a Bobbi doll image unfolded, children can according to preferences with their own personal image, as follows. This registration method seems complicated, but children can play while registration, not tired of happiness within.


The registration page of

‘s Lego site is a Lego image, and he will tell you what rights you can get after registration, such as playing games and sending messages. The following figure is the second step of the registration.


2: something creative,

when we design a registration page for an adult, we usually need to mention <