Adhere to adhere to content is king written in the website by Baidu K after

sunny day is a learner. When I’m free, I watch the tutorials and learn something. Most of them have learned fur and put it down. So dare to do a few garbage stations. For example, the earliest time for free space, free domain name and static page do simple personal homepage for local area network, knowledge education network (, the Dinosaur kingdom (, which has reached the knowledge education network RP value is 4, the average daily traffic of more than 2000, although is still used when a two level domain name. But the level is still junk, not even a simple ASP database. Go ahead, let’s say it now.

the main domain of has been a few months ago by Baidu K out, because at that time did not find a good website theme, with the acquisition of mining many articles to do the test, then go for Baidu, is really a fool. It was later found that Baidu only received a home page. Later, I transferred the server, the server is very unstable for a period of time, the result of even a page is gone. Depressed. But it’s only one of my interests. I didn’t pay much attention to it. It’s just a notepad in my learning process. Ha ha, Notepad also use exclusive dedicated server, MSSQL database, so far there are only dozens of articles, ha ha, luxury a little more. Who let me be the network administrator?. This thing is idle, idle, and some other leaders say use this thing, my webmaster identity will be over.

was Baidu K after, the site has been placed here, no how to update, mainly feeling update, no traffic. Moreover, updating is also replicating some other websites. Later in the webmaster net ( read a few articles, a bit like hydrology, said a few Baidu K station after a few measures. Just try to use a few:

1, continue to update, as far as possible original. Update is easy to do, original where so easy, the site is not many people blog. Just upgrade their own computer room in the school, wrote two tutorials, articles sent to their website. "Polar electronic classroom 2007 installation school room" Windows2003 "graphic network at double network routing configuration and their" soft with shame mood to two education forum  and this is the standard of the water. Thank you for your support and encouragement. I haven’t thrown any eggs yet. When nothing is reproduced in several articles, generally see themselves reproduced, feeling good, with the theme of the station and turn the little things, but. When I have a reprint, if I have time, I also add my own comments and links. The purpose of doing so well, ha ha ^

2, change the domain name. Although CN corn is only one yuan, but I don’t feel like I need to buy it anymore. I’m not throwing it