Community service O2O survey report four Retail convenient supply chain system is the core competiti

June 2015, goods transit business review special researcher Peng Chengjing began to visit 11 city nationwide survey, hundreds of companies, lasted more than in January, after the accident report midway due to personal work interruption to mid December 2015 recovery report writing, to the party today. The whole text has more than 3 words, 28 diagrams.



report mainly lies in the system of community service O2O and contains a plurality of vertical segments of the O2O project combing, analysis the industry status quo and development trend, and from the enterprise classification and business logic, transaction structure, current development path to profitability and part of the case system of induction and deconstruction.


report in accordance with the type of business to the community service is divided into 8 categories, plus the first chapter consists of 9 chapters, as follows: introduction, comprehensive community platform, domestic distribution, community nursing, fresh delivery, retail, maintenance convenience, door-to-door delivery of washing and recycling etc..

1. overview

1.1 concept and classification

O2O refers to the retail community convenience oriented community of users, mobile Internet tools and LBS location technology based on the line entity stores through mobile terminal and community users to establish a zero distance shopping, payment experience consumption patterns. It contains three essential factors: the line entity stores or micro storage; the distribution line, the key link to realize the closed-loop service; the online mobile platform, a necessary step to realize the online information flow and cash flow.

in accordance with the trading body in the transaction chain, the weight of the score for the following categories:

(1) flow platform + cooperative store: relying on the huge traffic entrance for the whole country, access to community retail stores, relying on self logistics + Crowdsourcing logistics distribution or a combination of stores from standardized commodities to solve the last mile distribution, to complete the process of online shopping convenience consumption experience. This platform to Jingdong home, reputation takeaway is the most typical.

(2): supply chain stores + cooperation driven Internet platform technology, based on the supply chain system, charge system, powerful CRM system, connecting the cooperative stores under the line, access to centralized procurement say through cooperative store network channels, through standardized goods supply channel optimization control stores combination, delivery of goods by cooperative store from distribution to solve. The platform is currently in some provinces and cities have layout, mostly to regional coverage, spread to neighboring provinces and cities.

(3) – heavy mode: from the store to store management, logistics, procurement of all independent business operation. The high threshold of this model, easy to build their own barriers to achieve strong coverage of the community’s users, but the pace of expansion is very slow, suitable for regional community platform.

(4) proprietary logistics + cooperative stores: light information + heavy logistics distribution, cooperation stores under the line, in theory, rely on traffic and logistics to enhance cooperation