Baidu K station do not need to rush also do not like K is not surprised

believes that most of the webmaster in the last "Baidu earthquake" in the "hurt", I as a new webmaster, naturally also difficult to survive. All the pages inside the website are K, and the homepage is not updated once a week. My website K station time is in June 26th, after K station, the flow drops faster than the stock market, GG income is one drop thousand feet. Sad! I like a wood, sit at the computer for two days, Baidu hopes to have pity on. Three days later, site’s result still threw me into despair. Although Google, YAHOO and so on give me face, but from them to flow very little. I am downhearted and even intend to give up as a station master. So, muddle along without any aim after a week. The wife said, "this blow can not stand, simply I’ll get you a fruit stand, you go to the streets to sell fruit to go.". I think, after all we are "culture", to sell fruit on the street, not cheap! To stall, and how we can not sell fruit to sell to sell the station program! Oh, a joke! Then, I was doing my station as in the past, and not in accordance with the people of high SEOER the right to modify the site. In July 26th, that is, my website was K a month after the whole, I opened the webmaster Statistics (I have not opened more than 10 days). Statistics show that the site traffic on this day there has been a slight rebound. I realized that Baidu had lifted the ban. Open Baidu, site once, and indeed as expected, not only all the K pages back, but also added a lot of included, some pages weight is quite high, on the top three Baidu. Take a look at the PR value of the site, ha ha, also from the original 1 liters to 2, GG income is much more, to the standard of payment, but has not received the money.

personal experience: don’t take Baidu too seriously, nor do you like it. K is not surprised. Do your work and do your best!