Wang Zhun how does enterprise website use network video to do product promotion

night with a children’s early education products fellow chat, he looked at me at the time of the QQ character signature: Baidu "Wang Zhun", Hao brother ranked first, hey, remember to click! And then went to Baidu, found my blog, then she also tried Baidu under their the name, also found some information related to oneself, and then tell me. I also Baidu under her name, and really found the first page, the first ten are related to his news information, I opened it, and the results are some of her video recording.


program is also the general content of her as a well-known nursery lecturer participated in a "let the baby grow up" in the game show hosted by Yichang radio and TV network. The recording of this kind of program is a kind of network propaganda means of their company, use the lecture of network video to raise the popularity of the brand. Then I looked through the news page which was found by searching her name. There were not less than ten video lectures on the website, and several speech lectures in MP3 format.

suddenly thought, two days before the weekend and Zhengzhou SEO sweet talk, asked her what she was doing, she said in the video, I asked her to write your blog yet? She said not to write, do not know what I rewrite, casually said, since you see in the video, you can how to break the use of network video to promote the site. Here I also come to simple analysis, enterprise website how to use network video to promote their products or services, enterprises use network video to promote their products or services, there are the following modes:

1, lecture

, for example, my fellow villager’s company does baby care products, then their company has to train a group of baby care experts to be lecturers, and hold a similar lecture on "successful birth education". Then you can record the lecture process and put it on the Internet. If you do not work with the local media, you can put yourself on the 56, potatoes, Youku and other video websites.

2, conference

held a parenting conference, invited a group of young mother or mother to attend, then the whole process of conference recording, also released to go online, of course, this is released, skills, you can edit, add a little. The release platform can choose some local portals related channels, the same to 56, Youku and other free platforms as feasible.

3, interview

this is a direct and local portal related programs, the villagers also said that this cooperation is actually to give money, but the price is relatively high, after all, the local portal for specific regional market or certain advantages.

interviews also need to be carefully designed.

4, activity

can be an internal organization of new year’s day, anniversary celebration and other activities, the advantage of such activities is to promote internal enterprises >