The contention of 3Q leads to the self protection of local websites

this time 3Q was over the potential competition and raise a Babel of criticism of, speculation intensified. Compared with the national war slobber, local site is relatively much more calm, this is mainly the local site if the development of competition in the market, the degree of network coverage, the number of Internet users have not yet reached full development stage. The person has 0598 talent network. We believe that with the development of network expansion and local economy, the network will become more and more busy, we must do as much as possible to protect themselves, to avoid being placed in the teeth of the storm. Here are some ideas to discuss with you.

(1) good plots, no trouble. We also own hard. We should in our website construction process, to be more cautious, more responsibility, more self-discipline, in place to establish a good image. We believe that the main way to have strict avoidance of illegal and sensitive content, as soon as possible the formation of company operation and the official website, strengthen cooperation and exchanges, as much as possible to obtain all kinds of licenses and industry certification, to participate in public welfare undertakings, these are the talisman, critical moment can be used to make a fuss. This is not elaborate, we are all smart people, you can see.

(2) from the non ground,. The site of a middle course worldly-wise and play safe, survival and development is also of great merit. Our goal is to stabilize the profitability of the site, the gun hit the birds, we do not need to take the initiative to stir up trouble, attack competitors. For some sensitive hot topic we still try not to participate, none of their opinions can be kept well up. Laugh at the wind and the clouds before you start the fire. Of course, no trouble, be not afraid of things. When it comes to one’s own interests, one must resolutely attack, make full use of his resources and hold the right to speak in his own hands as soon as possible. When necessary, you can hire a lawyer, and resolutely take up legal weapons to defend their territory.

(3) opened up a new position, not afraid of things. Many webmaster friends have more or less stations, usually mainly take account of the SEO, in fact, once triggered slobber war, these resources can be converted directly to our positions, but also appeared in third position, more offensive advantage. To this end, Sanming talent network, it is necessary to properly grasp the construction of the station group. For example, site navigation, blog, forum, micro-blog, etc., regularly publish web site information, for self promotion reports. We have a Sanming Talent Network magazine, the effect is good. In addition, the local mainstream forums also have their own accounts, it is best to mix a good level, and do well with the webmaster. Of course, have the ability to employ the matter.

finally, wish everyone safe and steady, the wind and the light. In this statement, this article by 0598 Sanming talent net [] original, in our material night thinking secretary network first, reproduced please indicate the source. Thank You for Your Cooperation。