Rookie can easily do thousands of yuan to do the site

wrote some dishes with me as a webmaster plot friends, some people say that 80 people are restless restless, a bunch of people, perhaps I am also a part of them, there is the idea of the day always riotous with colour that is surging in the chest, dream, have a network my sky.

, a good domain name, stable space, you can start the journey of the webmaster!


I chose the movie station where we thought the traffic was good. I started my tour of the station. As the saying goes "for the work must first sharpen his", want to have their own sites in the network, the domain name and domain name space is essential, I choose to remember the space from 1G space to VPS server now in a try, here I suggest that if there is a person webmaster, best choice IIS links, not limited to traffic and high peak value of CPU host, the best from the virtual host flat-share – independent, step by step to.

wants its work, must first benefit its device, a suitable for your CMS is the best!


site, here began our most important choice CMS, from IWMS, sub Yang, Bobo, new cloud, mobile Yi, MAXZ and so on, comprehensive practical, speed and modification difficult, I chose MAXZ. Soon I’ll do with IWMS film sharing station again revised into MAXZ, all data delete all put on MAXZ, but because the domain name weight I can also, Baidu soon included, at that time there was no key concept, just want to see the movie is on the line after! Experience: due to some trouble, then rush to the back of the development of the loss of original, included page traffic flow is gold; secondly, titles and keywords is not very good, just modify the title and keyword search is a very unfriendly behavior.

website procedures are not necessarily new and better, promotion is more important than upgrading.

I use or MAXZ3.0, is the first of the most refreshing that one, after the change is to do some routine work, add data, do friendship and the like, a month later, my traffic stability at about 2000. Although there are some traffic, but let me feel the trouble is that the addition of movie resources, since there were no resources so it is hard, the horse still consider thoughtful ah, soon out of the library so I quickly bought money overjoyed resources during MAZX from 3, 4.5 has been upgraded to 5. Love the hearts of all people, who do not want to make their own online more beautiful, and every upgrade has aroused my desire, and finally one day I impulse 3 upgrade to 5. (as the saying goes, the impulse is the devil ah, this is to the future site development and buried a wrong thought in passing a bomb. But this is something) after the upgrade, the rich film resources plus I carefully added, basically included was the most popular movie, the surge in traffic is. Then put some on