Talking about the solution of the accidental fire after the search engine site


many owners have encountered the website ranking suddenly disappeared, the method encountered this situation 80% owners take lost snapshot complaints and update the content, release the chain, also is not to say that this is the wrong way, Baidu search engine has not seen this kind of method, the search engine doesn’t love then what is white to do so, as a webmaster as much as we can take the method of search engines love to solve website are harming behavior.


website is search engine by most of the webmaster may be unintentionally behavior caused by the web site in the search engine in the eyes of the impression is not very good, in the face of this situation as a webmaster should correct their mistakes, less errors than some corrective method of website development is the hard truth.

is responsible for website users and checks the site for security,


search engine on the web is not necessarily the dissatisfaction caused by the action of SEO, is more likely to be infected by trojan website or caused by a virus, this time the site full of distrust of content, such as one of my sites on the 3 days did not go to the management, opened it was implanted 7 Links today, not to see the website source code I can not find, and the seven Links are spam links, is incompatible with the Internet security behavior, in the face of this situation can be the website search engine is difficult to love big, so the first thing is safe for users of the site is to check the site, the site looks don’t be lost my eyes.

is responsible for the search engine and clean up the website cheating


webmaster have used the method of cheating, these methods may also be useful in the search engines before not updated algorithm, but in the search engine update algorithm after the algorithm is basically useless, but in February when Baidu search engine has introduced Scindapsus new algorithm, the algorithm of web link more than five countries property regulation regulation stronger and more powerful, it can be said that Baidu search engine optimization to the norms of the market has played an inestimable role, so as a webmaster in website development should pay attention to regular web site optimization, don’t be cheating confused eyes, only temporarily impossible website cheating tube tube the world, and as a webmaster to long-term development of a good grasp of the website, remember to appear as the chaos, chaos of cheating.

is responsible for the webmaster and makes the website profitable,

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website ranking disappear is on his biggest without charge, so the site is search engine friendly fire as a webmaster to do is to improve their execution, don’t blow lost own insist, don’t be against lost their passion, website development is not Everything is going smoothly.. Do anything this time to hone, honed over the key is to look at yourself, so webmaster friends hope here: to do anything.