Talk about what kind of website can make money

today, a friend asked me, what kind of website to make money, to make money to do the kind of website? I just said what kind of website can make money, although the decisive point, but people always think so, what kind of website can make money, if you want want to earn, earn, how to make etc.. Different sites have different ways of making money, "wrote yesterday is very important" personal webmaster want to go beyond their own profit model this website profit model of the article, interested can look at today heart small talk about what kind of site can make money, just give novice stationmaster a reference master, can float.

first of all, to clear their own want to earn much money, meaning that you want to earn much money on this station, is made a supplement about life, or a wife is to earn money to build a house, or make you a lifetime of money, these different purposes, the website is really not the same, only a profitable two words is too general. Below I will make small money, earn big money, earn a lifetime of money from the perspective of how to choose the type of site.

: earn money, block, household income. To earn this money, can say that you do not have to consider what type of website, or consider what the registered domain name, just to build a website on the line, you love what you do on the line to do what, do you love the non mainstream non mainstream, love QQ to do QQ, and so on, Baidu is in casual the list pick up a keyword can do, because in this type of website Wangzhuan requirements of the stage is not very strict, because you do not consider the content on this site considering the site traffic, as long as you have enough traffic to the site, January you earn a thousand dollars or so, any type of advertising you can achieve this requirement, CPS, CPA, CAC… Etc.. For example, if you do a QQ site, which has thousands of IP is not difficult, although the death on GG price low, but put on those personal signature, will be relevant to young people and the advertising effect is very good, if you do a movie station, GG no, put a UUSEE direct download registration, the effect is also good, just to see how you according to their site types to adjust their advertising forms, in this stage what kind of station can make money, an important type of website but not how you do this station. For example, my friends do this garbage station ( can earn a few pieces a day, enough box of cigarettes money, ha ha,


two: earn a wife to build a house money. It’s a little high at this stage. Ha ha (according to the heart to know, some places do not say the house only marry a wife to have 100 thousand… Oh) the analogy of this stage standard is 100 thousand, so how long will it take to earn enough for the 100 thousand, a month is certainly nonsense, if ten years earn much, I guess your wife is not take, as a family child his mother, it is.