Years of webmaster promotion experience skills summary

webmaster and extension staff according to their website the website promotion identify the direction of your rapid profit, only for the benefit of the promotion is more than good promotion, I these years do stand for some specific experience, good words not to say to the text, is in recent years marketing experience give you a prompt detours summary. Perhaps you every day to do the following promotion in 1.2 after a period of time in summing up the experience, then the flow in front of the


advice: promotion is a process of accumulation, anxious, often counterproductive. The site is a continuous exploration and summary the experience of a long process, you need to use the brain to think. So we can have a better future.

, looking for a mass software, and even spend money to buy what the Almighty marketing, forum small assistant, QQ group, Taobao group, a businessman, Post Bar kuaizui and so on, but the mass of the skills and methods still need to pay attention to some. Otherwise the effect is often more harm and benefit! Here I do not exclude only some people in mass mass the hand is a weapon, but in some people’s hands is the bomb. Believe you think how some of the principles of.

two, more learning, learning SEO, see SEO article to implement, and soon after harvest will have, but need a time process, the key to see the webmaster patience, and for beginners, or to learn some.

three, by observing the BAIDU weathervane, identify the content of their web site keywords, to a big forum website promotion post, but must pay attention to the way.

four, through the collation of articles in the form of thematic statistical promotion, the use of appropriate, the effect is good,

five, website promotion: most of the webmaster is station group development, a music station, another station Flash, a web site, or picture novel stations and so on, the station group of each other with the flow, to promote your website all kinds of money. But it may still take some time for new talent to work,


six, add text chain exchange access group promotion, text chain websites like more, QQ webmaster is beyond count. Especially is really more and more entertainment websites do this, their flow to generate more traffic.


, seven, QQ and other instant messaging software promotion, issued to their friends inside the QQ to recommend, and so on.

eight, natural ranking: after doing the site to submit to Baidu googel, YAHOO and other search engines, the rules do Links page and, after waiting for their own search engine included, access to relevant traffic to make money. To the novice hand master reminded, do a good job search engine natural ranking, but it is necessary to pay attention to so few points:

1. pay attention to external links (referred to as the chain) quality and quantity

2. site internal structure rationalization, >