Soft Wen can erectile than what

everyone slowly began to understand the importance of soft text in network marketing, but most of the students still stay in the know, however, do not know their stage. Open CHINAZ, ADMIN5, CNZZ, look round, is the city is soft advertising. Write a different and can be concerned about the soft Wen, is the need for a good idea to do foreshadowing, Jackly do not like the already flooded soft form, although sometimes we have to do him, to follow suit. But it is certain that the soft Wen can "erection", than what is the creativity! So:

1. title party is king

yes. Some friends may not love sound Quchong, hope to be able to "real" to write text, then I say brother, Shidao changed, people have to follow the change. So what kind of title can attract attention? Dai Chang two after reading many text draw a few words: nature, ethics, moral bottom line, money, love, gossip, negative topics, and some other hot topics. So try to Title related to the above topics, so the effect will be more obvious, for example, can be like a "I’m trapped in a dormitory at night" or "sister-in-law to my ML, I hit her face two" such a title, the human hormone secretion, anger, excitement, the impulse will be your propaganda.

2. except content or content

since it is soft, the content must be advertising. As for how advertising is embedded in the content, it is a test of creativity. Soft paper my observation is divided into two kinds, one is written within a certain techniques, finally with a URL link. Such advertising is too large and is not very practical. Another is the product name or URL is naturally embedded into the soft content, such soft, relatively high quality, but also learned a lot of people, but the lack of some soft effect in embedding is too stiff, and advertising in order to write let a person see out. I remember when I read "hero", I said, "the highest realm of enlightenment is the sword in the eye and the sword in the mind.". This theory can be used in many places, such as the highest state of SEO is to forget SEO, look at the time to do in the eyes of a piece of code, there is no heart… I’m sorry to say far away, the same writing soft text is the highest state of the eyes without advertising, advertising has deep into the heart.

3., it’s very effective to make up a story,

in the realm of the most sought after, Jackly found, make up a story, to achieve soft effect means is very good, of course, this story can not exist, pure YY out. Two just before I came up with the title, the title to construct a story, and then use your brains, you want to advertise something of the development process in the story, such as advertising words as natural that reached a freely flowing style of writing, advertising purposes, and will not cause visitors antipathy.