My shopping trip makes me strong with Baidu

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I step out of the campus gate, go out of the campus walls, entered the stage of society, I found that I really is too idealistic, society is very cruel reality, all rely on to earn your own, no spare time at school, but. Turn to the subject.

When the

in the school, because I really love to read novels, do a novel station (for love to what extent can be described: now often have the old classmates call greetings are still reading novels?) love reading novels, people want to save much time reading novels. But also want to recommend good novels to more people watching. I put a novel I was reading at the station. I added it every day when I saw it myself,

at that time do not know what flow can make money, just put a statistics, their entertainment.

one day, suddenly taking told me that my big traffic station (only tens of thousands of IP) to add money for space, alas, have to add money, from the space problem, I also know what is called the super keyword can bring much traffic from Baidu. Although it is a loss at the station, but when I see so many people in reading, but also add my QQ chat, and thus know a lot of people, I still feel very happy.

has been busy looking for a job since graduation, and the update speed of the website has slowed down. It has only been updated 2 days ago, but relatively speaking, it is still relatively smooth.

but a month later, Baidu didn’t know why. IP has dropped to about 1000, but it’s still stable at this stage. It doesn’t matter to me. It keeps getting updated.

last month I found a job, companies do not need to use the computer, although I would like to stop doing it, but I really don’t have what time, but it was really very difficult economy, to borrow a lot of money to pay the rent, hands even eat no money, only to keep the station changed hands.

this also opened my deep understanding of Baidu, very powerful. Although I just proposed to sell 150 yuan (for that time for me this is half a month’s rent ah), but as long as people buy station will say: how to stand by Baidu K ah, or I will buy, a two, I didn’t think what, but so many people say, I only know that Baidu is really powerful, not ordinary people can offend.

sold for 2 weeks, but even such a price can not sell, to say the truth, I am really uncomfortable, is there no favorite people to buy a stand


since no one to buy, I have to do, but not much time, can only be changed with acquisition procedures, saving time, although every night back also busy time, but still see there are so many people watching, they continue to motivate yourself.


, I’m going to keep on working on this novel. Baidu K stands in a way too