Why is Baidu so shameless

, Baidu launched what products have nothing to do with us, Baidu if there is strength, want to occupy the Chinese Internet market, just occupy it. However, competition should not be unscrupulous, people should be honest and honest, and so do enterprises.

was started by Baidu search engine, is now Chinese boss search engine, but Baidu is not willing to, this year, Baidu launched the instant messaging system "Baidu HI", which suggests that Baidu wants to further expand their market ambitions. After the launch of the Baidu HI, Tencent Inc said: "there are many places that are highly imitative of QQ.". In the meantime, Baidu open recruitment of instant messaging technology talents, and write a "famous instant communication software product experience is preferred, this is obviously going to dig talent from companies such as Tencent, if this cannot reflect the Baidu shameless, so Baidu has reportedly sent into Shenzhen science and Technology Park Public dig the Tencent immediately communication personnel, it is not clear that Baidu shameless? Competition is normal, do not use unscrupulous divisive tactics to rely on strength.

GOOGLE will never be evil, why Baidu malicious competition? Li Kaifu spoke at the Boao forum for Asia, said that in five years, GOOGLE will become China’s search market leader. If Baidu goes on like this, it won’t be competitive when it comes to competition with GOOGLE. Baidu will not dominate any more.