Vertical view of the various changes Ali group

Ali, the road of change can be said to be big moves frequently, striking one snag after another, although in the electricity business, there are, Le bee etc. strong the bright younger generation, but it is undeniable that Ali group as a business early entrants, still retain enough of the leading edge. Besides Ali as a brother, its own initiative is still relatively strong, some business behavior also can carry out point circle. Well, from a vertical perspective, Ali’s future dream in the end where?.

platform dream

to build a business platform is the concept of early Ali, providing services through this platform, and then win enough user traffic and transaction data. And now look at the business development situation, but also enough to comfort, as of the end of 2012, Taobao, Tmall two sales accounted for about sixty-three point two percent of the domestic electricity supplier sales, can be said to be absolute overlord. And Ali’s performance on the platform for his own win more opportunities for development. Such as the accumulation of brand and platform data will be crucial to three days after the strategic ali. Especially the brand, for a 1999 began to do electricity supplier, its brand trust has always been the touchstone of Taobao’s business. You can believe that now everyone online shopping, say the most one word is Taobao, Taobao has become a symbol of online shopping, this is the advantage of other platforms do not have.

in fact, for the platform, 84 webmaster more ideas is the platform to give enterprise derivative significance. Because electricity providers do, the platform itself is not involved in the real transaction, and its profits are mainly from the supervision and maintenance of online shops, value-added services. Although the effect is good, but for Ali always wanted bigger, this is clearly not enough, so the use of the platform to do more inclusive, the product is Ali, including Alipay, Taobao, little Ali cloud search and Taobao now I help you and so on are derived under the product platform, thus the significance of the platform is not the quantity, in the inclusive.

data dreams

is now the Internet business more and more was dubbed the "big data era", said that if you want to have a as in the Internet, it has a magnitude large enough product is the key. From this point of view, we can see the success of Facebook, the prosperity of unfamiliar streets, the madness of millet, and the counterattack of Gao De. Doing data has always been the main business Ali hopes to start, and 10 years of accumulated consumer data, but also let Ali have enough courage to test the waters of the field. Ali cloud search is one of the shaping products, may be the industry’s evaluation of Ali cloud search is not the same. Some say it’s a second blow to vertical search, and some friends say it’s just a fearless experience that vertical search will be more grafted into separate APP applications than just being pulled out again. But in any case, 84 owners believe that the launch of the product is a long-term development of their own positive, there is a saying in the right, you have done it possible