Why do you think it is not good business is so hot carved sirloin

PS: This article is really interesting. I read it at least two times and it took two hours. If you want to eat fast food, you can go back and don’t use it any more. A friend who has time must find a quiet corner for a while and seriously think about what the author says.

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I believe that all the people in this world, it really is all people, must have a moment in life, perhaps the moment to the meager salary in the end of the month, perhaps in a few Ma worth behind that a bunch of 0 of the time, maybe just below Wang Sicong’s micro-blog the sisters kneel lick at night, have seriously thought about the same problem. Why are some people so rich?


so, it has become a popular business era, may be whether you want to be the next Ma or just want to open a coffee shop, to tell you the answer, within two years collapse is inevitable fate of most people. Our daily lives are surrounded by yet another business myth, only because the losers who left the game were never known. The business world is like a blooming poppy, full of wonder and allure, and the limited cognitive power of man cannot predict exactly what will happen or what exactly is happening.

but that doesn’t prevent us from thinking we know business well, and everyone is an expert when evaluating other people’s work. God carved sirloin hot business? Do good marketing. Zhang Jiajia’s "from your whole world," sold millions, young arts and young people’s money is best cheated. Uncle Harry has gone bankrupt. The product is too single. Hengda ice fountain loss about 2000000000? Price is too high?. These views are not all wrong, but almost worthless. Because of the success of any business end, is decided by a series of interactive links, the frame is called "304 austenitic stainless steel" can make the mobile phone to sell millions of units, Chesi uncle put the product line expanded to as long as hollyland can save a bad fate, the answer is clearly not so simple.

so, what is this world thousands on thousands of small and large businesses behind the success or failure of the secret? The meaning of this article, and those who really desire is to make money buddies together, deeply and seriously discuss this issue.

accurately, the difference between the success of the business decision makers and consumers, is the former for the same phenomenon, more from the essence of detailed and profound understanding of the causes, and how to take corresponding measures to change the phenomenon (even if this judgment is not 100% accurate). In fact, engineering and technology, medicine, computer, business is a serious and profound knowledge, only because of its relatively low threshold and contains considerable uncertainty, so your friends and relatives in your choice of professional time think it "virtual" side of the school, the older generation of "nouveau riche" entrepreneurs may not have seen what business books like the big business, a lot of people will inevitably cynicism just identify key business success is luck.