Your computer will be qishangmanxia

do not know how many webmaster in website design using a notebook, my station is managed as a virtual host, so all the designs are carried out in his notebook, but today when setting the article background of laptop web design problems when we need to pay attention to color!

in the notebook originally selected more transparent background image is open on the desktop is displayed so as to block the display content is clear, and the original set of pale yellow background on the desktop shows beige and yellow background, the inside pages of my can be clearly seen. This paper shows an eyesore, and I design when use is shown after the white light yellow.

Maybe this is my personal

machine problem, but I think the novice webmaster should not ignore the machine may show different shades of different situations in the website design, whether you are using a laptop or desktop, in website design, website design can view their effect on some other machine, instead of being your computer.

friends say that you can solve this problem by color code, so don’t bother to look around but the problem is that the color of the code displayed on your computer is different from what others see. So remind the new owners: beware of your computer qishangmanxia:) (WWW.110VE.COM)