On the line explore the possibility of knowledge surplus realizable

"on the line" is a paid one on one experience chat platform launched by shell nets in March 2015. I have successively, specialize in. Logic behind the line is an expert who helps users find the areas they need, and detours through communication, experience and advice.

, and this is also the founder of shell nets Ji thirteen again commercial attempt, from the scientific squirrel to shell nets, to Mu class, and then to the present "good"".

"my entrepreneurial experiences are all about knowledge," Ji Shisan said in an interview with Nanfang Daily. "Shell nets focus on knowledge analysis, Mu class focuses on knowledge learning, and" on the line "is dedicated to knowledge services. The outside world is very concerned about how to achieve profitability in the line, but Ji thirteen is not anxious commercialization. Direct trading on the "on the line" platform, we are close to cash, it is not difficult to make a profit." Nanfang Daily reporter Peng Lin Intern Liu Xiaoxue

entrepreneurship, Ji thirteen and the commercialization of shell nets

"on the line" is the latest exploration of the commercialization of Ji Shisan and shell nets. Prior to this, the shell network has launched Mu class, small egg air purifier, pregnant App graduate students, gender exchanges, App, intellectual, a beauty App, etc..

Ji thirteen, formerly known as Ji Xiaohua, graduated from University of Science & Technology China and received a Ph. D. in neurobiology from Fudan University. Since 2004, Ji thirteen started scientific writing, and has set up scientific columns in more than 10 media. In April 2008, Ji thirteen launched the public welfare project, the scientific squirrel society, which has developed into a non-profit organization, Harbin competition center.

in November 2010, Ji Shisan founded a nutshell network to collect interesting, interesting and aspiring young people from all walks of life to share and discuss various kinds of knowledge. "Rumor crusher" and other theme brands to interpret social events from the perspective of science and technology, received great praise. Subsequently, the shell net access to sincere letter capital and other well-known VC institutional investment.

from the public welfare projects, scientific squirrels will get VC investment nutshell network, Ji thirteen began a long commercial exploration.

"now looking back on the initial stage of entrepreneurship, the main problem is that they do not know how to start a business, and took a lot of detours." Ji Shisan told reporters that the operation of public welfare projects and commercial projects vary greatly, and then their understanding of the product at that time is not enough, and no experience, the market is not in place for decision-making. Fortunately, in recent years, through their own learning has been greatly improved."

2014, shell network extended out of the network open class platform Mu Mu, access to educational institutions, good investment in the future. In Ji Shisan’s view, the temperament of both sides is quite consistent, good, the future is the core team out of Orsay, more biased science and engineering, and shell nets and mousse class science and engineering temperament fit. Moreover, the two sides of the user is also highly coincident, good, the future major user groups are science teenagers, and later can transition to the Mu class platform.

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