How to face the low price competition

there is nothing strange competition, almost any shop will now encounter problems. However, some shops will take some vicious competition, even the shops can not afford the low price competition. In the maternal and child market, this situation has occurred. In short, there will be competition in the market, increasing competition in the industry. If you want to open a good mother and child shop, naturally need to be good at dealing with all kinds of competition cases. So, how to face the low price competition?

a variety of competitive means, of course, most of the price war between peers. Some competitors vicious competition, driving down the price of zero profit sales. You big sale today, tomorrow I’m clearing price, he acquired another anniversary promotion "".

Zhang on the face of the next door Wang improper competition. Originally, we sell a brand of milk powder, dealers 20 percent off supply, Wang sold on the road, so that many of the customers have to go to the store Wang went to the consumption of the 25% off. The same milk powder, lower prices, needless to say, the customer is willing to take care of wang. Xiao Zhang would like to sell the way Wang, but lose money to sell, do not make money? Watch the customers run away? To this end, Zhang depressed.

Zhang such a low price competition confusion, you encountered? How to deal with such low price competition, how should we respond? We take a look at how peers look at this issue, but also in what way to resolve such embarrassment.

look at the low price competition between peers are some tricks?

internecine case

: I can thank the mother facing this problem now, make a lose lose. The opposite of my neighbors than me after the shop, often used to play in my shop, I know about the store a lot of goods, he is wanted by low prices to win customers, but also invites people to know the price in front of the shop my store check. Originally thought to open the dam to eat together, the money is not a person who can earn. Did not expect the opening, he actually hit me with a price war. I did not know the beginning, only to feel my business was down, I thought it might be a fresh customer map, and so a natural curiosity will come back to take care of my business, I did not expect the business has not improved since.

then an old customer to tell the whole story, he bought a lot of things cheaper than my store. I sold 42 bottles of milk, he sold for $40, I sold milk powder for $155, he sold 150…… In this case, if I do not play the price war, the customer may have been taken away by him. No way, I had no choice but to lower their prices. As a result, although the business is a little better, but the profit is greatly reduced, in addition to the rent and the cost of the family, the profit is very poor, alas, business is difficult to do, I want to switch.