Online marriage can make big money

many college students after graduation chose to find work, but many people are finally on the job lost interest, money is one of them, but do not neet ah, so the money to put the mind to venture on!

and many college students’ job experience, central China Normal University, Wuhan Institute of media. There have been crazy to resume, but no successful experience. Let money constantly rebuffed gradually calm down, began to think about their own familiar with work, "off the job we are staring at the fair, see a lot of companies hiring very ordinary jobs, received a resume is like a hill". Squeeze in a huge job in the army, a little tired and discouraged, he began to consider their own to find something to do, give up before we must find a stable unit of ideas.

money began to contact more vendors, they undertake in the online promotion of business. At present, he has been talking about nearly 10 wedding companies, the network has become a subsidiary of the online marriage firm, the service covers the guidance of marriage consumption, marriage business recommendations, wedding products shopping guide, photography, etc.. Every month he can get nearly 2000 yuan of income, while the establishment of outlets, publishing information did not happen any fees. Now the money is no longer worried about the work, although he still did not compete for a ready-made jobs. In his view, the service for these businesses is his work, he hopes to be able to operate on the reputation of YAHOO outlets into the most complete marriage information outlets in Wuhan.