Shao Shunxing pan surface to highlight the food culture

what kind of food do you like best? Hand-Pulled Noodle, Sliced noodles, beef noodles and so on, here Xiaobian to introduce you to these are not, but the characteristics of Zhenjiang noodles varieties – Shao Shunxing noodle.

Shao Shunxing Zhenjiang food culture Co., Ltd., the lid of the pot, but also to allow consumers to taste a bowl of noodles, taste the characteristics of the pot surface culture of the. Shao Shunxing pan surface, originated in the Qing Dynasty Qianlong, dating back 231 years of history, has been the successor of the seven generation, using the four processes to conquer countless consumers, but also the advantages of many investors to join.

jump: will the dough on the panel, thick bamboo cross slippery on the dough, bamboo has a diameter of 6, 7 cm thick, bamboo is sheathed in the fixed board of hoops, jump the man sitting in the bamboo, single leg jump squeeze about a thousand times in order to shape the dough into a thin skinned, and then cut into uniform noodles wide fine sword.

two: drift pot floating around the small pot, boiling water air but not spill, pan head wood surface rolling press, control the speed and convective line, no matter how to cook noodles in the pot, the position can be maintained, the noodles posted on the pot, boiling water in the surrounding water, no gap between with the lid, the noodles is very good. Chinese fir special for noodle soup pot. Add another flavor.

Shao Shunxing pan cover

three boil: soy sauce boil system is a big pot face production. Zhenjiang is a soy sauce, to shun Zhenjiang Chronicles "O kyota supply this sauce". Zhenjiang Zhenjiang special soy sauce pot surface selection, adding more than ten kinds of condiments, such as earthworm, cinnamon, vanilla, star anise, Zhenjiang Nanshan deep wild mushroom, the Yangtze River Shrimp, chicken bone, the first fire boil, after a few hours to warm fire boil, adding salt, pepper Bai Hu, cool cool 2 days later, the party.

four: "pouring surface inside the pot boiling pot, hot topping and then hot chopsticks". A lid surface raw material for Zhenjiang real estate, has long fish, kidney, meat, meat, meat, beef, egg, for liver, dry silk, vegetable dish, diversiform toppings, hot in the soup, but the incense in the bowl.