Understand the consumer psychology of the toy shop business is booming

when we open a toy store, often only pay attention to the needs of children, but ignore the psychological parents, in fact, although the toy store for children is open, but the main consumer groups or their parents, parents only understand consumer psychology, toy shop business will be more prosperous. So, what is the consumer psychology of the parents? Let’s take a look.

, a loose type of parents, children’s education mode to the baby is loose, the lack of careful care and guidance, without the necessary support and restraint.

two, the authority of parents, emotionally pleasing to the baby, the baby’s care a plus; attitude to pay more attention to respect each other, can take the initiative to understand children’s wishes and requirements for the baby development opportunities; the baby in the process necessary to motivate and encourage, guide and control the absolute excess blame reason. Encourage excess punishment of criticism.

three, autocratic parents of baby rearing excessive restrictions, they rarely take the initiative to understand the needs and aspirations of the baby, the baby and completely obey the requirements of parents, parents might replace the reasoning and guide, strong criticism and punishment than praise and encouragement.

four, laissez faire parents, emotionally refused to children, it is impossible to put more energy and time to take care of the children.


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