How the location stores operating puff

is the favorite dessert puff to eat a lot of friends, if you want to own a puff franchise, want to take the business need to select the address shop good, so good shop where? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

many puffs franchise investors believe that the headquarters support can be a good career, but a little address is the most critical, puff stores how location? Now many investors have asked how to correct location problems, under the rapid development of dessert industry trends, address is more prominent and join the brand competitiveness, in general, to consider the location of traffic, traffic convenience and other factors, in some areas more expensive, so when choosing a location to consider popular outside, also taking into account the actual situation of their own.

The operator

puff franchise location work as possible to ensure the smooth development of business, continued their store in the future. Puff stores how location? At the same time, the selection of rental stores, to avoid those downtown, you can bring greater profit margins for your sales, but also reduces your business risk.

puff stores how location? And puff stores around with convenient traffic conditions, traffic problem is very important to everyone, shop location is convenient, is one of important factors to influence customer flow. Generally speaking, the number of customers entering the store is proportional to the local traffic volume.


above is about how the location of the puff stores, Xiaobian summed up some experience and methods of the site and I hope to help everyone Xiaobian last hope franchisees can visit, or according to the puff join the brand characteristics to choose carefully.

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